How Do Cells Determine What Size to Grow before Division

How Do Cells Determine What Size to Grow before Division

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How Do Cells Determine What Size to Grow before Division

DNA Architecture Theory

Zygote contains a dna as a architecture and form cells of ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm

DNA contains a gene and act as a architecture for cell

It act as a digital clock for the cell division

  1. DNA base pair supplies energy to the cell for division as when the cell divides before cytoplasmic division chromosome divides and during chromosome division a huge amount of energy is released
  2. This energy is supplied for division of organelle and accurate amount of energy is released by DNA for cell to divide it is during S phase
  3. During  meiotic when chromosome pair up then energy is released .


DNA as a digital clock

  1. For cell division DNA act as a digital clock
  2. During zygote formation or during cell division . DNA stores information for  when to cell to divide
  3. During normal condition due to absence of  T loop normal human cell divides within 24 hours.


DNA as a cell division machinery

  1. DNA starts the procedure of cell division
  2. As when cell gets stimulated for systemic division than DNA first one to get stimulated and cell prepare for process for mitiosis or meiosis process


DNA division theory

  1. DNA contains the information stored when and how and what size cell has to divide .
  2. As DNA  act as a digital clock and gets stimulated first so it starts cell cycle
  3. AS  different cell have different function so different gene in DNA will be activated so DNA judges at what size cell has to divide  before cell division.


Special case of neuron

Mystery of G0 phase

  1. A constant division of DNA  take place and constant amount of energy released .
  2. Because of which stimulation of cell is rare so there is very rare chances of cell division in neuron cells.


Cell Division theory

  1. DNA act as a machinery for cell division. Cell divide when DNA gets stimulated.
  2. As DNA act as a digital clock


How DNA decides what size cell has to divide?

DNA decide as it contains different genes activate at different places which decide cell size.

Similar genes are also present like

1 skin colour (for outer body)

Due to the difference of origin of many tissues and different function cell have different size.


Treatment of Cancer (at any stage)

Cancer can be treated at any stage by introduction of gene leading to deactivation of oncogenes through.

Antibodies or any other method which leads to destruction of cancer cells and can lead to cure of cancer at any stage.


Cause of formation of T loop

The activation oncogenes due to DNA backward rolling and formation of mRNA and formation of oncoprotiens lead to uncontrollable cell division.



Deactivation of onocogenes by inside heat generation through heat gene activation

Through nuclear medicine.