December07, 2022

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World Cancer Day: Opinion

Dr. Neha Patel*

Corresponding Author: Dr. Neha Patel, Radiation Oncologist, India.

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Received Date: February 04, 2022

Published Date: March 01, 2022

World Cancer Day: Opinion

On the occasion of WORLD CANCER DAY 2022, I, first of all, want to congratulate all health care professionals, nurses, social workers, volunteers, NGOs, fundraisers and patient’s caregivers and support groups who put all their hard work to help our cancer warriors to beat cancer. This year’s theme ‘’CLOSE THE CARE GAP’’ suggesting us that our efforts are falling short and we need to put in more hard work to meet the demand in our society. Everyone has the right to assess cancer care despite their caste, color, creed and economic capacity. Cancer is a word that nobody wants to hear in their lifetime.

It’s the word that brings terror into someone’s life. Our body becomes the territory that we want to protect from being captured by aliens. The soldiers (the body’s immune system) make all efforts to kill these foreign strangers. Let’s back our army with modern armed forces (immunotherapy) to fight with aliens and win the cancer war. Let us all join our hands together and empower every human being with the knowledge to detect cancer symptoms early so that they can approach healthcare early. Detecting cancer early means we have already won half the battle and the rest can be won by the combined efforts of healthcare workers.


On this world cancer day, I would like to share a poem …


So what,

If I get scars on my face after cancer treatment I can still take charge of my household responsibilities

So what,

If I get darkened and painful veins I can still cook food for my dear ones

So what,

If I lost all my hair in the treatment I am still beautiful from within

So what,

If I get ulcers in my mouth and redness on my skin I can cross these small hurdles to win over cancer

So what,

If I feel extremely weak to lift my leg I am still mentally a strong person


On this WORLD CANCER DAY, let's empower the man behind the nightmare and reignite the dreams which were left behind in the turmoil. Let's make them understand this isn’t the end and you can still get up from ashes and emerge like a phoenix