March29, 2023

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The Pandemic, the Frequent Sudden Changes in Temperature, and Other Factors

Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD

Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

Corresponding Author: Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA
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Received Date: February 01, 2022

Published Date: March 01, 2022

The Pandemic, the Frequent Sudden Changes in Temperature, and Other Factors

It is a well-known fact that sudden changes in the atmospheric pressure increase the level of muscle pain. These people become like living barometers  - their increased level of pain means for certainty that the atmospheric pressure is changing, which is followed by temperature changes two days later. I found explanation of this ‘living barometers phenomenon’ in ancient Chinese book on acupuncture [1]. The ancients claim that different size of muscles contract differently when the atmospheric pressure changes (which makes sense). If so, people that have pain because of muscle imbalance when the atmospheric pressure changes will have increased muscle imbalance (because of the different contraction of different size muscles), which will increase their pain.

Research done in Europe shows that when the atmospheric pressure changes, which usually takes place two days before the temperature would change, the body is producing certain amount of antibiotic to prepare for the oncoming drop in temperature [2]. However, if the atmospheric pressure and the temperature change very frequently, the body does not have the time to produce the needed amount of antibiotic for protection, and the body is more vulnerable to viral infections. Also, the sudden drop in temperature requires adaptation to the environmental cold, for which the body uses energy. As a result of the lowered body energy when the weather becomes cold, people are more frequently sick of viral infections when the weather becomes cold, and they call it for simplicity “I have a cold”.

Thus, when the temperature is changing frequently up to 20 degrees up and down, 1/ the body does not have the time to produce the necessary amount of antibiotic for defense and 2/ since the adaptation of the body to these temperature changes requires energy, it weakens the body. So in the Pandemic situation we have now, we can expect more cases of infection or peaks of Coronavirus cases in the fall, winter, and spring, when the temperature changes are large and more frequent. Our body has aura, which after 40 years of study I found to be weak informational nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) [3], [4], sensitive to a wide diapason of frequencies: sound, light, microwaves, etc. This aura is our protective shield. Viruses cannot attack the body if the aura NEMF is strong enough to defend it. And our auras are now forced to adapt to one more external factor – the strong informational field of our new 5G Fast Internet.

Imagine the weak informational field of our aura NEMF being influenced by the strong informational field of our 5G fast internet. Add to it the fact that Russian studies found that viruses manifest themselves in our aura in the mm diapason and 5G fast internet is in the mm diapason [5], [6], [7]. Don’t you think this is expected to lower our abilities to respond to viruses? Isn’t this why we have people having the Corona virus more than once, and having people with immunizations having the virus regardless of the fact that they were supposed to have immunity against it. These two facts should make us think: Why are we having this problem? There should be something wrong with our immune system, and this should make us look for external factors that may have caused it.

How many years we should be under the Damocles’ sward of the Pandemic to start asking: 1/ What is wrong with our immune system? Why we cannot develop immunity after we have been sick once or have had the immunizations? 2/ What can be the factor that has caused this inability to develop immunity? 3/ How many people of us need to die before we will start asking these reasonable questions? Why we continue to close our eyes to the fact that 5G fast internet can be causing the Pandemic? Because there is money to be made from this 5G fast internet, but nobody think that if there were no people living on this planet, the money would not have any value.

The other Damocles’ sward is the global warming. We accepted the obvious fact that our Earth is experiencing global worming, but knowing the obvious fact that we use microwaves to cook, we refuse to believe that the wide use of microwave technology for the purposes of internet, TV, cellular phones, and wireless technology could have contributed to the global warming. Why? Because we fell in love with this technology and we refused to see the obvious fact that by increasing the frequency ? (to have faster 5G internet), we are increasing the energy E=h?, which we pump into the atmosphere. Again, there are also money invested in all these technologies, but the money will not have any value in a planet, which is no longer populated. It is high time to think and act if we want to live on this planet.


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