December07, 2022

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How to treat deep bite and gummy smile in adult patient?!!

Dr. Aya Saad Elhammady*

Corresponding Author: Dr. Aya Saad Elhammady, Co-founder of Rashed dental center and orthodontist M orth resident Edinburgh

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Received Date: February 24, 2022

Published Date: March 04, 2022

How to treat deep bite and gummy smile in adult patient?!!


21years old female patient well fit and both medically and dentally free presented to the clinic complaining from spacing and unaesthetic appearance on clinical examination.

She was class IIdiv1 incisors on skeletal class IIbase and increased Vertical proportional and no obvious asymmetry transverse, she has increased incisal show during smiling with Increased over jet and overbite.

Buccal segment class 1bilaterally and canine 1/2 unit 2 on right side and class 1on left side with upper midline shift 1mm to left hand side, No crowding were found in upper and 2mm crowding in lower arch but spacing 5mm in upper arch

Starting Photos:
We bond upper arch from UL6 to LL6 and we place the bracket in differential reposition places more incisal in aid to allow the anterior teeth to intrude and decrease the gummy smile patient complains from.

After 3 Months
Bonding lower arch from LL6 to LR6 and using early elastic technique to decrease the overbite by extrusion of molar and procline lower incisors and retrocline upper incisors as well as helping in closing spaces in upper arch.

MID Photo:
After reaching heavy arch wire 19*25 and ligation all the teeth and place Elastomeric chain in aid to close all the spaces in both arches, before debonding and Retention phase patient complain from gummy smile so we perform gingivectomy.

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