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About The Two Types of Memories of All Living Beings

Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD*

Corresponding Author: Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA.

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Received Date: March 17, 2022

Published Date: April 01, 2022

About The Two Types of Memories of All Living Beings

In an article published in 2016 [1], Dr. M. Levin concluded based on a series of experiments with planaria worms that all living beings must have two types of memories: 1/ memory encoded through neuronal circuits, which he calls horizontal memory, and 2/ memory of non-neuronal nature, which he calls vertical memory. He drew this conclusion based on the fact that when he was cutting these worms into two halves - the half containing the head regrew new tail and the half containing the tail regrew new head. He noticed that the worms that regrew from the tail half (without head) still remembered their experiences. This indicated that the body should have experience-related modifications, which allowed it to memorize in a way different from the brain in the head. Usually, the environmental changes were evoking changes in the body, which were somehow memorized in the whole body.

Dr. M. Levin found [1] that this kind of (non-neuronal) memory, which survives decapitation, is related to “the weak electrical currents measured on the surface of the body at rest”, and these are “the weak currents that regulate the cellular proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and migration.” Dr. M. Levin also found that in plants the environmental changes evoke permanent changes, which were memorized in the whole plant. They still existed and could be registered after a branch of the plant was cut and planted separately [1]. Now, it is time to introduce my concept on this matter. In a series of articles [2] (see also my book [3]), I explained that all living beings (humans, animals, and plants) are material body and aura.

I spent 40 years of my life first photographing and then measuring the aura. When photographing the aura, I noticed that when we experience positive emotions our aura is brighter and when we experience negative emotions our aura is dimmer. I wanted to be able to measure and see the impact of emotions on our life and health. Since the aura is a very weak field (1,000 times weaker than the field created by the biocurrents of the material body), I had to develop and patent very sensitive equipment allowing me to measure the weak field of the aura [4]. My measurements showed that positive emotions (or just positive thinking) make us healthy, while negative emotions (or just negative thinking) make us sick [5].

Since when we experience positive emotions and our aura is brighter we say we are in high Spirit, and when we experience negative emotions and our aura is dimmer we say we are in low Spirit, I concluded that the emotionally sensitive aura must be our emotional Spirit. Then I found that the ancient Jewish Cabala was teaching to high priest that the aura is our Spirit. So to say, my re-discovery that the aura is our Spirit was like discovering America in the 21st century. I found through measurements that: 1/ our aura (emotional Spirit) is a weak nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which being nonlinear can imprint information; 2/ this weak aura (Spirit) NEMF with imprinted information rules and regulates everything in the body including cellular proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and migration.

I found that the weak aura (Spirit) field plays a major role in our connection and adaptation to the environment. It scans the new environment with its waves (predicted by me with nonlinear mathematical model of acupuncture in 1983 and experimentally found in 1984) and sends signals to the material body how to change to adapt to the new environment [6]. Thus, while the DNA serves the purpose to preserve the species’ information, the NEMF by scanning the new environment requires changes in the DNA to adapt the new environment. When the adaptation requires drastic changes, evolution to a new type of species takes place [2].

Now it is time to explain the two types of memories Dr. Levin talked about – the memory of our brain and the memory of our body. The two types of memories are the memories of the two types of computers we have: 1/ the horizontal memory is the memory of the digital computer of our Conscious, which operates on biochemical principle with memory encoded with neuronal circuits, and 2/ the vertical memory is the memory of the Quantum Computer in our Subconscious [7] about the existence of which we are not consciously aware. It operates with the waves of our NEMF, seen as aura and called Spirit. The NEMF of the aura being nonlinear field could imprint information from the environment in the body and this is memory with waves (without neural circuits).

Thus, beside the horizontal memory of our conscious mind located in the brain and encoded in neuronal circuits, in our Subconscious we have a memory of a different type. In the Subconscious, a Quantum Computer operates with the waves of the nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) of our aura (Spirit), which being nonlinear can imprint information from the environment into the body field. Everything material is a material body and NEMF [8] – it comes from the way the material world was created and it explains automatically why the particles are particles and waves at the same time [9].

The fact that the heart (as a part of the material body) has its own NEMF and its memory explains the complaints of patients with implanted hearts from a donor that together with the heart they got some of the donor’s emotional memories. Obviously, these memories were imprinted on the heart’s NEMF. Thus the body field consists of two parts: the aura (Spirit) NEMF is magnetically attracted to the NEMF of the material body [8], and the waves of this integrated NEMF are the memory of the whole body. Since the memorizing done with waves is holographic (because holographic tri-dimensional images are created only with laser light), it is very compact.

From EEG (registering the activity of our conscious brain), we know that our sleep is a constant switch between light sleep, when the Conscious brain is active, and deep sleep when only galvanic response specific for emotions is registered, which means that the emotional Subconscious is active. It seems that during light sleep when EEG register activity on the surface of the brain, the conscious digital Computer is active and the information recorded during the day with neural circuits is scanned. When EEG activity is not registered, but only galvanic response specific for emotions, obviously the emotional Subconscious is active.

Thus, the observed constant switch between light sleep (when the Conscious is active) and deep sleep (when the Subconscious is active) means that the information recorded during the day in the Conscious with neural circuits is scanned from the Conscious (proof of it is the registered neuronal activity on the surface of the brain) and transferred to the deeper area of the Subconscious for permanent storage. This means that the compact memory of the Quantum Computer houses all the information - the memory of the body recorded with the waves of the NEMF and the memory of the conscious mind initially recorded with neuronal circuits.

Compact holographic record is possible only because the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious operates with the waves of the emotional Spirit NEMF seen as aura. Since “aura” means “light” in Hebrew, and the images created with laser light are three-dimensional holographic images, the record in the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious must be compact tri-dimensional record with waves, which allows detail record of the whole lifetime information. Hypnotists, who put the Conscious to sleep to access the Subconscious, claim that our Subconscious contains compact detailed holographic record not only of this lifetime, but also of previous lifetimes [10].



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