March29, 2023

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Scientific Explanation of The Hawaiian Hooponopono Method of Cure of Violent Mentally Sick from A Distance

Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD *

Corresponding Author: Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA.

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Received Date: March 19, 2022
Published Date: May 01, 2022

Scientific Explanation of The Hawaiian Hooponopono Method of Cure of Violent Mentally Sick from A Distance

My understanding of the core of the Hawaiian method of healing of violent mentally sick from a distance came from my long-term scientific studies of the human aura. Since the field of the aura is very weak, I was first photographing the aura in high frequency electric field that multiply the photons – it is called Kirlian photography. I noticed that positive emotions make the aura brighter, while negative emotions make the aura dimmer. Since we say we are in high spirit when we experience positive emotions and we say we are in low spirit when we experience negative emotions, I concluded that the aura must be our Spirit. Then I found that the ancient Jewish Cabala was teaching to high priests that the aura is our Spirit [1].

I wanted to be able to measure the weak field of the emotional aura (Spirit) and to have numbers for the effect of positive and negative emotions on our health and wellbeing. Since the field of the aura is 1,000 times weaker than the field created by the biocurrents of the material body, I had to create and patent supersensitive equipment to be able to measure it and I did [2]. With this supersensitive equipment I measured not only the effect of positive and negative emotions, but also the effect of positive and negative thinking because all our thoughts are emotionally colored. I found that positive thinking not only brings energy to the body, it makes the energy more balanced and since perfect balance means perfect health, positive thinking makes us healthier [3].

I found that negative thinking not only drains energy from the body, it makes the energy more unbalanced because the genetically inherited weak organ drops in energy maximum. This is in perfect agreement with the studies of the Father of Stress, Selye, who studied stress for 40 years and found that distress (negative stress) makes the genetically inherited organ sick. My measurements proved that not only negative emotions, just negative thinking is enough of negative stress to make the genetically inherited weak organ sick [3]. Let us summarize, positive thinking brings energy balance and since perfect balance means perfect health, positive thinking makes us healthier. Negative thinking, just as any negative stress (distress), with time leads to a disease of the genetically inherited weak organ [3].

The strongest positive emotion is Love. The HeartMath Institute in California found that people meditating on love have more harmonic waves in their heart ECG and their brain EEG [4], which mean that love brings harmony. I measured the chakras of my schizophrenic student during psychic crisis (described in article [5]) and found chaos or full lack of harmony. (Chakras are the alternating vortices (spinning clockwise) and anti-vortices (spinning counterclockwise) of the nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) of the aura – “chakra” means “spinning wheal” in Sanskrit). By channeling Love to my schizophrenic student, I was able to bring her chakras back to harmony, which brought her back to norm.

If Love can bring back the harmony to the Souls of mentally sick people (Soul is the unity of body and Spirit), we could easily explain the fact that during the convention of Yogi in Atlanta when 200 people meditated on Love, the crime rates dropped down to zero. This means that the people that did the crimes were out of mental balance and the meditation of 200 Yogi on love restored their mental balance, which is in full agreement with the Hawaiian hooponopono method of cure of violent mentally sick patients from a distance by sending them love [6].

Based on my life-long-study of the aura (Spirit) (and the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious working with the waves of the Spirit), I can offer full scientific explanation of how the hooponopono method works. But to explain this, I first need to explain how I came up with the idea that we must have a Quantum Computer in the Subconscious. Hypnotists discovered that their hypnotized patients with sleeping conscious could calculate many thousands of times faster, which meant that we must have in the Subconscious a more powerful computer than our conscious computer. Since the emotional brain is in the Subconscious and our Spirit is emotional, obviously everything related to the emotional Spirit was put in the Subconscious to give us freedom of choice to believe or not that we are material body and Spirit that comes from the Creator God.

Since we are not consciously aware how our organs function, they must be ruled and regulated from the Subconscious. From acupuncture we know that all our organs are holographically represented on the surface of the skin at 5 different places – on the ears, the palms, the feet, the eyes, and the tongue. And the acupuncturists know that they can treat the points of the sick organ on any of these holographic representations with equal success. Since holographic images are created only with laser light, obviously the functioning of our organs is ruled by light. Is this the light of our aura? (“Aura” means “light”) [1]. If the aura (light) rules the functioning of our organs, then the fact that our aura is emotional would explain the modulation of the functioning of our organs by emotions.

If the waves of our emotional aura (light) rule and regulate the functioning of our organs from the Subconscious, and hypnotists first discovered that we must have a powerful computer in the Subconscious because hypnotized people calculate much faster, both the fast calculations and the ruling of our organs must be done by the same powerful computer. Since this powerful computer operates with the waves of our aura (light), it must be a Quantum Computer. Since this Quantum Computer works with the waves of the emotional Spirit, the access the Quantum Computer must be emotional and it is. Our full intuitive creativity is a state of emotional ecstasy because it is a product of the powerful Quantum Computer, which operates with the waves of the emotional Spirit.

As I explained in my article [7], full intuitive creativity is a synchronous work of the Quantum Computer of the Subconscious and the Digital Computer of the Conscious working at the same level of over-excitement.


Subconscious              Conscious

Amazingly, the book [6] describing the Hawaiian hooponopono method of healing of the violent mentally sick from a distance by sending them love, has the same triangle. This means that the healing is done at synchronous over-excitement of the Conscious Digital Computer and the Subconscious Quantum Computer. “Ponopono’’ means “harmony” – “hoo-ponopono” means “restored harmony”. Now, let’s go back to my measurements of the effect of positive and negative emotions or even just positive or negative thinking on our health and wellbeing. Positive emotions or just positive thinking increase the aura energy (seen as light) and restore the energy balance making the whole body to work in harmony. Negative emotions or just negative thinking not only lower the energy, which is seen as darkness on MRI images of the brain and darkness in their emotional aura, it also destroys the energy balance and the harmony.

Our doctors found out that the people with darkness in the middle of the brain on MRI images are the people predisposed to addiction. However, the doctors never figured it out that the dominant negative thinking of these individuals caused this darkness. The brain of these people is so darkened by their dominant negative thinking, that they need exciting substances like narcotics or alcohol to lighten their dark brain so that they can feel normal. The measured by me chaotic field (NEMF) of my schizophrenic student D. [5] meant lost harmony or balance. This was because she felt that her father must not have loved her to commit suicide when she was a teenager [5]. This painful negative thinking created deep dark rove in her memory, which manifested as schizophrenia - her emotional harmony was completely destroyed.

Then, we should not be surprised that channeling Love to her brain darkened by the emotional trauma brought light to it and restored the harmony of her soul (soul is the unity of body and Spirit). In the same way, channeling Love from a distance to the violent mentally sick in Hawaii restored the harmony in their Souls destroyed by emotional traumas. The channeled Love to them was light, which filled the dark roves created by their negative emotional traumas or just persistent dominant negative thinking, and brought back the harmony. However, to be able to heal the mentally sick, the person needs to have high level of consciousness (super-consciousness – see the above triangle), which involves simultaneous work of the Conscious and the Subconscious at the same level of over-excitement. At this level of super-consciousness the person feels connected to the whole Universe and its Creator. Then he can do the miracles, which the Creator can do, by using the power of the Quantum Computer that the Creator gave him.

The Quantum Computer is the biggest gift of the Creator Hu- to –man, which made us Humans, but to be able to access and use the powerful Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, the person needs to be spiritual. As we grow spiritually, the frequency of our aura (Spirit) NEMF grows, our emotionality grows, and our abilities to access and use the Quantum Computer (which works with the waves of the emotional Spirit) grows. This would allows us to heal the sick and mentally sick, revive the dead, foresee the future and see the past, see the auras of the people, which would allow us to see their spiritual and intellectual level, as well as their type of personality, etc. But how to grow spiritually and gain access to the powerful Quantum Computer? Jesus came to Earth to teach us how to spiritually grow: Love one another, love your neighbor, love your enemy, forgive, and help others – it is that simple.



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