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The order (harmony) perceived as health and the disorder (disharmony) perceived as a disease.

Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD.

Corresponding Author: Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

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Received Date: March 17, 2022

Published Date: May 10, 2022

The order (harmony) perceived as health and the disorder (disharmony) perceived as a disease.

I was in a trauma hospital with 5 broken ribs. There was a patient there, who was screaming all night long and not allowing anybody on the floor to sleep. Was I in a trauma hospital or in a mental hospital? When the screaming started second night in a raw, I decided that I needed to do something that would allow me to have some sleep. I started listing my memory trying to find something that could help. In the past, I had a student D., who was a brilliant student, but was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She refused to take the drugs, which the doctors prescribed her, saying that these drugs made her dumb and she would rather be crazy than dumb.

These diseases are called mental diseases, but there is nothing wrong with the mental abilities of these people. The Bulgarians call the schizophrenia “disease of the Soul” and this is the right name for it because Soul is the unity of a material body and emotional Spirit and these diseases have emotional basis [1]. When my student D. was a teenager, her father committed suicide because his wife started a love affair with his best friend. D. told me that her father obviously didn’t love her to do something like this to her.

D. had the intuitive feeling that I could help her and she was coming asking me for help. One day, she rang the doorbell. When I opened the door, gasping for air, as if she had been chased, she said: “Can I come inside, please, my Demons are chasing me trying to possess me?” I invited her in the house, asked her to lie on the sofa, and started measuring the points of her body called “chakras” with my patented supersensitive equipment. The chakras are a chain of alternating vortices spinning clockwise and anti-vortices spinning counterclockwise aligned long the backbone, and they are the vortices and anti-vortices of the nonlinear field of the aura.

Since the aura field is very weak, I had to develop and patent supersensitive equipment allowing me to measure the weak field of the aura. I found it to be nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). My 40 years of measurements of this weak field revealed many specific characteristics of the aura’s NEMF.  This weak field, which is 1,000 times weaker than the field created by the biocurrents of the material body, rules and regulates everything in the body not with its strength, but with the information it carries. Thus, our aura is weak informational NEMF [2].

Since I found that the aura is brighter at positive emotions when we feel in high Spirit and the aura is dimmer at negative emotions when we feel in low spirit, after many years of measurements I concluded that the aura must be our emotional Spirit.  Then I found that the ancient Jewish Cabala was teaching to high priest that the aura is our Spirit [2]. Thus, we are a material body and emotional Spirit, which make us emotional and creative. Without the Spirit, we would be very primitive creatures.

For many years, I have measured the vortices and anti-vortices of the weak field of aura’s (Spirit’s) NEMF of healthy and sick people, called chakras [3]. Usually, the measured values of the chakras of these people were always the same. When I tried to measure the chakras of my schizophrenic student D., who was claiming “Demons are trying to possess me”, I found “chaos” – the measured values of her chakras were changing every second. First, I measured the second chakra, when shifting to measure the third, I felt that the second chakra is not the same any more. I re-measured the second chakra and it had a different value. I continued to measure and re-measure - all her chakras had fast changing values.

The HeartMath Institute in California found that during meditation on Love the waves of the brain EEG and the heart ECG are more harmonic [4], which means that Love brings harmony. Since harmony is the opposite of chaos, I decided to channel some Love (harmony) to my schizophrenic student D. I asked her to lay her head on my lap and holding both my hands next to each other at some distance from her head I started channeling love to her. After a while, her breathing became very quiet and regular and I asked her if she was sleeping. “No”, she said. “I don’t know what you are doing, but it feels so good”. My answer was: “I am channeling to you God’s Love and Harmony”.

So, in the trauma hospital when this patient was screaming second night in a raw, I recalled the experience with my schizophrenic student D. and decided to channel to the screaming patient Love and Harmony. After a few minutes, the screaming stopped. I had four hours of sleep and then the screaming started again. I did the same and after a few minutes the screaming stopped. I had four more hours of sleep and then the screaming started again. This is how I managed to stop the screaming and have some sleep during this second night with screaming.

Maybe you will ask how I did this from a distance, while laying in my bed. I did it with my Quantum Computer, about the existence of which we are not consciously aware because it is in the Subconscious. I have an article published [5], which explains that while our conscious mind is our Digital Computer working on biochemical principle, in the Subconscious we have a powerful Quantum Computer, which operates with the waves of our Spirit (seen as aura). This Quantum Computer allows us to connect through it waves telepathically and connect other person from a distance. However, the access to the powerful Quantum Computer is limited – not everybody has access to it. Only people with high frequency of their aura NEMF 400 – 800 Hz can do it [6].

In conclusion, I want to say that the so-called “mental diseases” are actually diseases of the Soul, which is the unity of our material body and our emotional Spirit. As such, these diseases have emotional basis. In the case of my schizophrenic student D., the death of her father was the emotional trauma that triggered her disease. The suicide of her father made her feel that “her father must have not loved her to do something like this to her”.  Also, crucial was the fact that the emotional trauma took place when she was a teenager – a time of hormonal rebalancing and emotional instability.

Since teen aging is a period of hormonal rebalancing and emotional instability, we need to be very careful with our rebelling teenagers, who want to be independent, but don’t know how. During this period of rebellion, being hormonally and emotionally unstable, they need parents’ Love most to feel stable. They need to feel loved because this Love gives them the harmony and stability they need in this time of hormonal and emotional instability. We need to make them feel loved regardless how difficult they are during this period of rebellion.

The screaming patient in the trauma hospital was probably knocked out of balance by emotional trauma or traumas. And please consider the fact that the teen aging is not the only period of hormonal re-balancing and emotional instability. Such hormonal re-balancing is done every 8 years in the male body - at age 8 (when the teeth are changed), at age 16 (puberty), at age 24 (when wisdom teeth appear), etc. [6] and every 7 years in the female body - at age 7 (when the teeth are changed), at age 14 (puberty), at age 21 (when wisdom teeth appear), etc. [6].


These periods of hormonal re-balancing and emotional instability are the periods when most likely emotional traumas could knock the person out of balance and cause “disease of the Soul” wrongly called “mental disease”. When the symptoms are more serious, these people are sent to Psychiatric Hospitals. The names of the hospitals are right because “psychic” means “emotional” and these diseases have emotional basis. If so, Love (as the strongest positive emotion) could be a cure for them. I hope, this explains why sending Love and Harmony to the screaming patient was making him to stop screaming.

Later I learned that in the Hawaii, the local Kahunas still use the ancient method of healing violent mentally sick from a distance by sending Love to them. This ancient method of healing is called Hooponopono, which means “Hoo” = “restored”, “ponopono” = “harmony”. The harmony is restored by sending to the mentally sick Love, which in full agreement with the research done in the HeartMath Institute in California – they found that meditation on Love makes more harmonic the waves in the brain EEG and the heart ECG [4].



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