March24, 2023

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Psychology and Drug Addiction in New Dimension

Prof. Maria Kuman*

Corresponding Author: Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA.

Copy Right: © 2022 Prof. Maria Kuman, This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received Date: June 27, 2022

Published Date: July 05, 2022

Psychology and Drug Addiction in New Dimension


Why is our psychology a dead-end street? I know a lady with PhD degree in psychology and both her sons have problems with drugs and alcohol addictions and she cannot help them… and addiction to both alcohol and narcotic drugs is psychological problem. This is because our scientists use more and more technology and computers and less and less their minds. They found with MRI-technology that the people with addiction problem, or with predisposition to become addicted, have darkness in the middle of their brain. However, they don’t ask what caused this darkness. I have written a book, which explains this: Listen and Talk to Your Body and Soul [1]. Darkness of the brain means suppressed brain activity and the brain activity is suppressed by dominant negative thinking. Thus, prompted to addiction are the people with dominant negative thinking.

Our brain has two hemispheres – the right hemisphere is related to negative emotions and artistic abilities and the left hemisphere related to positive emotions, logic, writing, and mathematics. Some people are born with predisposition to positive thinking and for them dominantly active will be the left hemisphere. Some people are born with predisposition to negative thinking and for them dominantly active will be the right hemisphere. However, as I explained in my book [1], it does not mean that if somebody was born with predisposition to negative thinking, he will die as a negative thinker. We are given a conscious mind to reason with and a freedom of choice. If the negative thinker understands that in the roots of his misery is his dominant negative thinking and he works toward changing his way of thinking, he will change.

Not only could the negative thinker change to a positive thinker, his DNA will change, and the children born after his change to positive thinking will be born with dominant positive thinking. I was intuitively seeing the things this way in 1999, when I was writing the book, but since then we have experimental evidence that DNA is not once and forever given, and can change during lifetime. Shortly after year 2000, when I publish the book [1], a young man bought the book at a festival, and one year later at the same festival he came and asked me: “Can I hug you, you changed my life.” His mother was with him and she explained to me that her son was on alcohol and drugs, and now he is sober and clean, and thinks positively, which makes it so much easier to live with him.

Why is our psychology in such a poor shape? It is because the emotional brain is in the Subconscious and we don’t study the subconscious. Why? Since time immemorial the Buddhist Moncks in Tibet knew that they are body and Spirit and they can heal themselves by asking the Spirit (that comes from God) to heal them… And they knew exactly how to do it – they used meditation practices to reconnect with the Spirit of the Creator God. Russian studies found with EEG measurements that during meditation and prayer the Conscious is not active [2] – the Conscious is sleeping just like during hypnosis. This means that meditation and prayer, just like hypnosis, put the Conscious to sleep to allow access to the Subconscious.

“Yoga” means “United with God”. Yogis do meditation to get united with God. If meditation is putting the Conscious to sleep, the Spirit of the Creator God must be in the Subconscious. I think our Creator deliberately did so to give us freedom of choice, which is the biggest gift of our Creator to us. Thus, the Spirit of the Creator (God) is in the Subconscious and could be accessed through payer or meditation. Hitler created in Munich Institute of Radiology with the purpose to use meditation practices not only for healing, but also for spying. The institute still exists, but under a new name Institute of Parapsychology and Russians from the Military Aviation Academy “Gagarin” are attending it [2].

Is this why the Subconscious became taboo region, and since the Emotional Brain is in the Subconscious, our medicine denies that we are emotional creatures and that our emotions have something to do with our health and wellbeing? No wander also that our psychology, which was supposed to be the branch of science dealing with our emotions, is in a such pitiful shape. In the same pitiful shape are the treatments for drug addictions, which consider the addiction a chemical dependency, and completely ignore the emotions that led to the addiction. No wonder the people treated for drug addiction in 80% of the cases are going back to the narcotic drugs [1].

The success of the treatments for drug addiction can improve only if we would widen our horizon and accept the fact that we are a material body and light Spirit. The light Spirit is what we see as aura. I measured this field for almost 40 years and found it to be nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). My measurements showed that this light field is emotionally sensitive and that not only is it important what we eat and drink, it is equally important what we think [3]. Positive emotions or just positive thinking increases our energy, improves our energy balance, and makes us healthier, while negative emotions or just negative thinking decreases our energy and destroys the energy balance because the genetically inherited weak organ drops in energy maximum. Thus, each negative thought takes us a step further to a disease of the genetically inherited weak organ [3].

Thus, 1/ our negative emotions, or just negative thinking, are the major source of our health troubles; and 2/ dominant negative thinking is at the bottom of each drug addiction. Our success in treating drug addiction could increase only if we start considering the fact that the dominant negative thinking of the people with predisposition to addiction is at the basis of their addiction. The negative thinking suppresses the brain activity, which is seen as darkness in the middle of the brain on MRI images. We shouldn’t be surprised that these people are addicted to exciting substances as alcohol or psychogenic drugs (narcotics), which excite (lighten up) their brain, darken by their dominant negative thinking.

Thus, drug addictions have emotional basis. The psychology deals with emotions and it is supposed to be able to deal with drug addictions. However, for this to happen, we need to widen our horizon. On the fist place, we should acknowledge the fact that we are a dark material body and light Spirit, which is emotional. The emotional brain is in the Subconscious (which we know), but in the Subconscious is also our Quantum Computer (which we don’t know), which operates with the waves of the emotional Spirit and from the Subconscious rules and regulates everything in the body. The fact that our Quantum Computer rules and regulates all organs through the waves of the emotional Spirit allows the functioning of our organs to be modulated by emotions.

We need a new psychology that will accept the fact that we are a material body and light emotional Spirit (seen as aura), which makes our material body emotional. However, since the Spirit is located in the Subconscious (to give us freedom of choice), we don’t have conscious awareness of its existence. Also, the Spirit is weak informational field, which is difficult to measure – it is 1,000 times weaker than the biocurrents of the body. However, the fact that I created and patented equipment for its measurements 40 years ago and I kept measuring with it for 40 years means that it can be done. Only measurements of the weak informational NEMF of the emotional Spirit can put psychology on its feet and make us understand the important role emotions play in our life and for our wellbeing.


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