March24, 2023

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The Nature Of “Mental” Diseases

Prof. Maria Kuman*


Corresponding Author: Prof. Maria Kuman, Ph.D., Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA.

Copy Right: © 2022 Prof. Maria Kuman, This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received Date: June 27, 2022

Published Date: August 01, 2022

The Nature Of “Mental” Diseases


In the western world, these diseases are called “mental” diseases, but there is nothing wrong with the mental ability of these people. I had a number of students with the so-called “mental disorders” and they were all very good students with over the average intellectual ability. So, the name “mental” diseases is not right. When their disease worsens, they are put in Psychiatric Hospitals. The name Psychiatric Hospitals means that these hospitals are for people with problem with their psyche, i.e. emotional problems. So, the right name for these diseases would be “psychic diseases” (not “mental” diseases).

I was born in the country of Bulgaria, where the so-called” mental diseases” are called “diseases of the Soul”. Considering the fact that we are body and Spirit and Soul is the unity of our body and emotional Spirit [1], the so-called “mental” diseases seem to be diseases of the emotional Spirit. What is Spirit? I spend 40 years of my life measuring the electromagnetic field (EMF) of what we see as aura. I found that this is nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which means it does not dissipate, and I found that this NEMF is emotionally sensitive – our aura is brighter at positive emotions and dimmer at negative emotions.

Since when we experience positive emotions, we say we are in high Spirit and when we experience negative emotions we say we are in low Spirit, I concluded that the aura we see must be our Spirit [2]. Then I found that the ancient Jewish Cabala was teaching to high priests that the aura is our Spirit. I found the aura (Spirit) to be weak field (1,000 times weaker than the field created by the biocurrents of the body) and I had to develop and patent very sensitive equipment to be able to measure it [3].

I also found that this weak NEMF rules and regulates everything in the body, not with its strength, but with the information it carries. And being emotional, this NEMF allows the functioning of our body to be modulated by emotions. Our society chose to believe that we are only a material body – there is no Spirit – and soon we are going to pay the price for this because the 5G fast internet is with mm wavelength, and our Spirit (NEMF), which we see as aura, has waves with mm wavelength. Since the emotional Spirit rules and regulates everything in the body, including our immune system, we can expect the waves of 5G fast internet to interfere with our immune ability to respond to viruses.

The Russian scientist Shkatov developed and patented equipment called “torsemeter”, which allowed him to measure the spinning of our aura. (Shkatov does not know that the aura field is nonlinear). He found that at positive emotions our aura spins clockwise and at negative emotions our aura spins counterclockwise [2]. Since I know that the field of the aura is nonlinear (NEMF) and nonlinear physics teaches that vortices spin clockwise and suck energy and anti-vortices spin counterclockwise and emit energy, it became obvious that:

1/ at positive emotions, the NEMF seen as aura spins clockwise like a vortex and sucks energy. This explains our saying that we are “in high Spirit” when we experience positive emotions.

1/ at negative emotions, the NEMF seen as aura spins counterclockwise like an anti-vortex and emits energy. This explains our saying that we are “in low Spirit” when we experience negative emotions.

However, the energy increase at positive emotions means that there must be NEMF energy available in the space to be sucked in. This means that the so-called physical vacuum is NEMF, and this is the substance (Space Matrix) from which the material Universe was created. Since it is a field form, we cannot see it, and since it is weak informational field, we cannot detect it. This explains why the existence of ether (later called physical vacuum) was denied for so many years.

The findings of Shkatov are in full agreement with my measurements [2]. I found that positive emotions not only increase the energy of our Spirit (NEMF), it improves the energy balance, and so does positive thinking. Since perfect balance means perfect health, it seams that just positive thinking is enough to raise the energy of our Spirit NEMF and makes us healthier. I found that negative emotions not only decrease the energy of our Spirit (NEMF), it worsens the energy balance because the energy of the genetically inherited weak organ drops down maximum, and so does negative thinking. It seams that just negative thinking is enough to lower our energy and shift us closer to a disease of the genetically inherited weak organ.

It seems that our material body is incapable of experiencing emotions; the presence of the Spirit makes us emotional. Our emotional brain is in the Subconscious and the emotional Spirit operates from the Subconscious. It was deliberately done so to give us freedom of choice. Hypnotists, who put the Conscious to sleep to access the Subconscious, found with surprise that their hypnotized patients can do computation with very high speed. This means that we have a super-computer in the Subconscious, without conscious awareness of its existence. Hypnotists also found that information about previous lifetimes was also stored in the Subconscious [7], which meant that the subconscious super-computer had huge memory storage.

It seems in the Subconscious we have a super-computer with very high speed of computation and huge memory storage. Since the Spirit operates from the Subconscious, it seems that this super-computer in the Subconscious operates with the waves of the emotional Spirit NEMF, which makes the super-computer a Quantum Computer. Thus, in the Subconscious, a Quantum Computer operates with the waves of the Spirit [4] and since the Spirit is emotional, the access to the Quantum Computer, which is the source of our intuitive creativity, is emotional [5], [6]. All people, who had experienced state of ecstasy, which activates the Intuitive Mind, know that only watering with a lot of positive emotions brings the state of ecstasy. This is what the Russian Shakespeare, Alexander Pushkin said, who died at age 27 and left 101 volumes of writing.

The Quantum Computer in the Subconscious is not only the source of our intuitive creativity; it is also the source of our clairvoyance and telepathic abilities. In the hardware of the Quantum Computer are the rules of the Creator – what the Creator wants us to be, to be happy and healthy. And these hardware rules are exactly what Jesus was teaching: Love, Forgive, and Help Others. We were given a freedom of choice, but if we don’t make the right choice of Loving, Forgiving, and Helping Others, we suffer the consequences. The Creator gave us sharp reasoning mind with the hope that one day we will figure it out – from where our misery (unhappiness or even “mental” disease) came.

Mental diseases come from not following the rules in the hardware of the Quantum Computer operating with the waves of the Spirit, which want us to be like our Creator – Loving, Forgiving, and Helping Others. When Jesus was healing the sick (including the mentally sick), he was always saying: “Go and does not sin any more.” Let us define “Sin”. Since our Spirits are templates of the hologram of the Creator, we are supposed to be like our Creator – Loving, Forgiving, and Helping others – to do well. “Sin” is behavior not consistent with the recommended by the Creator behavior, which is stored in the hardware of the Quantum Computer operating with the waves of our Spirit.

On the surface of the brain, is our Conscious Mind, which is our Digital Computer operating on biochemical basis. The word “Conscious” (Con-sci) means “the one that knows”. This is our software: in it our society rules are stored and all the knowledge accumulated by our society. When the behavior of an individual is ruled by his Conscious and it contradicts the behavior recommended by the Creator in the hardware of the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, this is when the individual is sinning, and long term sinning lead to “mental” diseases.

Thus, in the Subconscious we all have a strong judge to tell us when we don’t do things right. And when too many trespasses (sins) accumulate, each of which is a source of negative emotion (because we know we didn’t do right), this is when the “mental balance” is lost. If negative emotions from knowing we didn’t do right are the basis of the so-called “mental disorders”, the name “Psychiatric Hospital” is right – “Hospital for people with emotional problems”, while the name “mental” disease is not right. Since each psychiatric disease is caused by “emotional imbalance”, the fact that we are material body and emotional Spirit, with Soul defined as the unity of body and Spirit, “makes ‘diseases of the Soul” is also right name for these diseases.


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