January30, 2023

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Treatment of Crossbite in Adult Patients

Aya Elhammady*

Corresponding Author: Dr Aya Elhammady, Co-founder of Rashed dental center and orthodontist M orth resident Edinburgh

Copy Right: © 2022 Dr Aya Elhammady, this is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received Date: August 23, 2022

Published Date: September 01, 2022

Treatment of Crossbite in Adult Patients

Case Report

A 19 years and 7 months female patient presented to the clinic fit and well both medically and dentally. She was class 3 incisors based on skeletal class 1 with increased vertical proportional and unilateral cross bite on the left side with average incisal show during smile and overjet 1mm and overbite 10% Buccal segment on left side was half two molar and canine and right-side class 1 molar and canine and lower midline shift to left hand side 3mm Upper spacing 11 mm due to unerupted upper left canine and peg shape lateral and lower 3 mm spacing.


Treatment Planning :

1- Bonding upper and lower arch with fixed ore adjusted edgewise appliance slot 0.022*0.028 slot Roth pescription.

2 - Placing wire 16 Niti upper and lower.

3- Expose UL3 by laser to place the bracket on it.


After 3 months :

1- Reaching to the Main working arch wire 19*25 Ss and place bottons on the palatal side of the teeth UL4 and UL5 to allow place cross elastics to correct unilateral cross bite.

2- Locating lower arch and placing crimpable hooks distal to lateral both side and closing the space and adjust midline shoft during closing the spacing.


After 6 months :

Patient came with over correction of unilateral cross bite.

Class 1 molar and canine bilaterally.

No spaces lower and no midline shift.

Now : it’s time to refer to the esthetic dentist to build the peg shape lateral and micro Donita one with composite

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