March20, 2023

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Second memory in all living beings, Which helps them to adapt and evolve

Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD *

Corresponding Author: Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA.

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Received Date: October 19, 2022

Published Date: November 01, 2022

Second memory in all living beings, Which helps them to adapt and evolve

In the journal Physics Today of November 2020, the author Adam Fortais writes that octopus with cut off head capture and deliver prey to the location where its mouth used to be. The explanation of the author is “because the majority of the octopus’ neurons are distributed throughout its arms, which allows it to sense and react locally.” The truth is very different from Fortais’ hypothetical explanation [1]. In the year 2022, I published an article [2] about the two types of memories of all living beings based on the experiments of Dr. Levin with Planaris worms [3]. It is well known that when you cut a Planaris worm into two, the worm half with the head will regrow a tail and the worm half with the tail will regrow a head and you will have two whole warms. Dr. Levin was amazed to find out that the half that didn’t have a head (with the newly regrown head) remembered previous experiences of the worm before it was cut into two… and these were memories related to the environment [3].

Dr. M. Levin also found that environmental changes evoke in plants permanent changes, which were memorized in the whole plant. They still existed and could be registered after a branch of the plant was cut and planted separately [1]. Dr. Levin explained his experimental results in the following way: all living beings must have two types of memories – a “horizontal memory” and a “vertical memory”. According to him the “vertical memory” demonstrate itself in the half of worm without head (with regrown head) that had memories of past events from before the cut. According Dr. Levin [3] this kind of (non-neuronal) memory, which survives decapitation, is related to “the weak electrical currents measured on the surface of the body at rest”, and these are “the weak currents that regulate the cellular proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and migration.” Now, it is time to introduce my concept on this matter. In a series of articles [2] (see also my book [3]), I explained that all living beings (humans, animals, and plants) are material body and weak informational nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which we see as aura.

With the waves of the weak informational NEMF of the aura operates a Quantum Computer in the Subconscious [4], which is the source of our “vertical” memory (in the terminology of Dr. Levin), which through the aura field is distributed over the whole body. Why is this aura-related body memory in the Subconscious? I started my research with photographing the aura with Kirlian photography, which uses high frequency electric field to multiply the photons of the weak field of the aura to make it photographable. I found that the aura is emotional – it shines brighter at positive emotions and it is dimmer at negative emotions. Since we say we are in high Spirit when we experience positive emotions (and our aura is brighter), and we say we are in low Spirit when we experience negative emotions (and our aura is dimmer), I concluded that our aura must be our emotional Spirit.  I found confirmation that my conclusion was right in the ancient Jewish Cabala, which was teaching to high priest that the aura is our Spirit. If so, this explains why our body memory (Dr. Levin call it “vertical memory”), which is done with the waves of the aura (Spirit), is in the Subconscious – our Creator put everything related to the Spirit in the Subconscious to give us freedom of choice.

Thus, the “horizontal memory” is product of our Conscious and operates with sets of neurons on the surface of the brain; the “vertical memory” is in the deep areas of the brain called the Subconscious and operates with the waves of the aura (Spirit) NEMF. Since the “vertical” subconscious memory is done with the waves of the aura (Spirit) NEMF, it is distributed over the whole body and allows us to communicate with the environment. Since nonlinear fields can imprint information, the nonlinear waves of the aura (Spirit) NEMF are sent to the environment and if the environment is new, signals are sent back to the material body how to change to adapt to the new environment. If the required changes are too drastic, the material body evolves to a new type of species. All this environment-related information is stored in and ruled by the Computer in the Subconscious, which is a Quantum Computer because it operates with the waves of the aura (Spirit) NEMF [4]. The memory of the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, which is environment related, is what Dr. Levin calls “vertical” memory.

Dr. Levin also found that if he changes the electrical polarity at the cut to positive in the half worms with head, he would have worms with two heads. These two-headed worms had the same DNA as the normal worms, but their offsprings were also two-headed worms. What all this means? It means that not only the material DNA carries the inheritance. I have an article published [5] that the whole material world is a material body and NEMF - it comes from the way the material world was created and it explains automatically why the particles are particles and waves at the same time. When the material DNA is here to preserve the inheritance, the NEMF of the DNA is here to allow changes in DNA when the environment changes. Thus, the NEMF of the material DNA is here to allow flexible adaptation to new environments, and if the required changes are drastic to evolve to a new type of species.

Now, let’s go back to the octopus [1].  The hypothetical explanation of Fortais that the octopus with cut-off head is still trying to bring his prey to where its mouth used to be, through “the neurons distributed in its arms”, cannot be right because the brain (which is now missing) rules the neurons in the “arms”. Then how it is done? It is done through the body memory operating with the waves of the aura (Spirit) NEMF, which Dr. Levin calls “vertical memory”. “Vertical” memory means “in depth” memory - this is the memory of the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, which operates with the waves of the aura (Spirit) [4]. The two memories communicate during sleep. The constant switch between light sleep (when EEG activity is registered because the Conscious is active and dreams take place) and deep sleep with no EEG activity (when the Subconscious is active and galvanic response specific for emotional response is registered, which means that the emotional Spirit is involved). This means that the constant switch between light and deep sleep is reading of the information recorded in the “horizontal” memory of the Conscious and transferring it to the “vertical” memory of the Subconscious for permanent storage.

When the head of the octopus is cut off, the conscious “horizontal” memory done with neurons is disabled because tentacles’ neurons cannot operate without the guidance of the central nervous system of the brain. Then the subconscious “vertical” memory, steps in, which being done with the waves of aura (Spirit) covers the whole body. It is holographic in nature because it operates with waves and holographic tri-dimensional images are created only with the waves of laser light. This subconscious tri-dimensional holographic memory (done through the waves of the aura (Spirit), which covers the whole body), must be the one that guides the octopus’ tentacles with the prey exactly to where its mouth used to be before it was beheaded.


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