January28, 2023

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Neurology and Psychology

Mahnoor Tahir *

Corresponding Author: Mahnoor Tahir, .

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Received Date: December 17, 2022

Published Date: January 01, 2023

Neurology and Psychology

Neurology deals with functioning of brain and spinal cord. It also controls activities related to brain particularly in humans. Neurology is also known as Neuroscience that deals with all perspectives related to Mind and Body. Psychology is a science that deals with the mind and body functioning such as cognition, perception, memory etc. Psychology and Neurology combine to perform activities related to brain and body functioning that how mind work according to the need of brain like perceiving something.

Psychology and Neurology both go hand in hand and share equal goals among functioning of somatic diseases as well as mental illness. Psychology and Neurology both deals how the brain function and what’s the perception, cognition and functioning of mind work. For Example, our brain has four lobes. The largest lobe is known as Frontal lobe, which deals how the mind perceives something from nature and build perspective about the object. So, both works intermingles because Physical State is actually Mental State. When Neurology and Psychology combines together it performs many tasks about functioning of cognition and physical illness. But sometimes the person who have diseases like Stroke and other related diseases then psychology not work properly and due to some interaction with patient causes severe symptoms of diseases. So, in this case Psychology and Neurology both do not work properly. The other point is that when the patient deals with severe brain abnormality and functioning disturb then, deals with cognition may be risk. Ultimately, Psychology and Neurology both focus on First, What’s the disease? What about its severity level? And how the patient responds in that condition?

At the end, we can say that without psychology, Neurology works but its effectiveness is less due to poor cognition level. So, Psychology and Neurology both help the client or patient physically and mentally. Both Sciences work on mind-body relationship and it leads to a healthy relationship among the functioning of cognition and brain.