March20, 2023

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Eagerly Awaiting Your Boarding

Ian Tonge *

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Received Date: January 20, 2023

Published Date: February 01, 2023

Eagerly Awaiting Your Boarding

In the Jungle; just surviving a day is considered a great success!”

Sir David Attenborough.

For whatever reason you may have chosen to look here, I do so hope not to disappoint; by delivering upon your wishes and, wherever possible, increase any desires for better understanding.

Each and every one of us has a journey to make from the period of our birth, first breath and all the way through to our eventual demise whereupon we depart this mortal coil. That specific period is referred to as a life which, whatever we may do, we must make the most of everything it offers.

Our lives are possibly the most precious gift we will ever receive here; and if you are investigating this, it is a gift you have been chosen to have, somehow or other. This life may be short or long, we could be small or tall, a various mix of races or religions; there is so much we are often not able to change.

Mind you, we are all empowered to fulfil our own potentials and to enjoy whatever we may do as fully as would be possible. My message, throughout the series I have produced here is:

“To do whatever you can, however or wherever you are able, whilst enjoying yourself as much as you possibly can.” I make a point of stating that at the start to ensure its delivery cannot be clouded from view in any way at all.

This journey, which everybody has, can be punctuated with many stops, starts, hesitance’s, ups, downs, and anything else that may be thrown into the mix. By grabbing hold of this eminently valuable life period, we should be able to mould it into a shape that we could be happy, or happier, to live with.

I feel confident in stating that all lives will be punctuated as such, one way or another, but we are ultimately responsible for ensuring that we are able to make the best of whatever we may have or will be left with. Some lives will be interrupted by things, instances, or whatever, that may have been thrust upon us by forces not under our own control.

Our lives may then be a little more interesting, but with added risks being attached. The important thing to note is that whatever the case may be, we could have the ability to override or deal with our situations.

It is nice to think that would be all that we might have to contend with, and that would be so nice, even calming if that were the case. But besides all the above coming into play, almost as soon as our first breath is taken, most of us will then find ourselves in a real maze of a journey plan; and one that none of us have had the chance to try beforehand. Life is not a:

“Try before you buy” option.

Herewith, is a dictionary definition of a maze:

“A network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way.” Often such pathways are littered with confusing elements, through which any battles difficulties will be magnified, by a factor equating to; as much as possible. These difficulties will also be deliberately provided, and whatever tests we must go through; go through them we must.

Getting through life is always going to provide its inhabitant with as much contentment as it can, but generally only as a reward for defeating one or another of the disasters blocking the pathway. Almost like our early-education times when we got stars, stickers, or badges for achieving certain goals; except no stars or badges are awarded for most of this follow-on, in fact, all we may get will be to keep hold of our heartbeat and breath. These confrontations will define each and every one of us, our moulds will be produced, modified or extended by such, as even we are constantly evolving creatures.

I am not saying we should continue to receive anything other than contentment for winning any of the many battles we may have to face up to, in our lifetime. Even “Sir David” does not recommend anything other than a thought passed their way, indeed his trail of success’ reflect the manner of such a wonderful human-being.

Ending up as you would ultimately wish for, although unlikely to be another Sir David Attenborough, will require doing something both with and about your life. Winning more battles than not, is always going to help, and my memoirs are designed to show you how I have done what I have done, to get where I am today.


Guides and examples can be extremely helpful for anyone either:

  • Somewhere close to the beginning of their own journey. Having assistance with things that could possibly happen should never be underestimated.
  • Uncovering issues of, perhaps, an identical or similar nature. Understanding more about or seeing how it may have been handled can always be a welcome addition.
  • Knowing of or being related to somebody who may be struggling with or fearful of a problem being covered. Establishing elements from both above, can assist here.
  • General interest. Increased knowledge is never considered to be harmful, but generally can be extremely helpful.

Learning from somebody-else’s experience, can be a real difference maker.

Diabetes is the fastest growing epidemic in human history; it makes so much sense to know more about what it is, what it can do, and how to treat it, at the very least:

  • If ever you should meet with anyone who suddenly starts acting peculiarly, for what may not appear as being anywhere near normal reasons; you may be able to help them. Diabetics are often mistaken and, somewhat pilloried because of the wrong assumptions being made.
  • If somebody you are with starts to have problems with their train of thought and talking capabilities, sometimes not being able to complete a sentence or story; then you may be able to help them.
  • Should somebody you are with, or near, suddenly faint, or go into something of a fit; you may be able to help them.

My series of memoirs have been produced to inform and entertain in equal measure. Here, I must convey several important promises applying to all my works, that I will always endeavor to fulfil:

  • Proving the infinite value of hope, in the face of whatever; may be the cause of our woes, or adversary facing us.

And, possibly of greatest importance:

  • That almost anything may be achievable by activating positivity, whenever and wherever appropriate.

Everything I have done, should assist this in various guises at the very least and, I would hope, a good deal more.


Quite simply put, and I believe this most sincerely:

“If I can do it, anyone can.” I would also hasten to add here that if you were to take a poll from any of my close family, friends, and associates, they would also strongly agree with that last statement. May I make the point, at this stage; I am sure there will be things that I am more than capable of doing.

This edition should highlight the early days that moulded my future pathway. Through seeing the building of an individual, the understanding of them as a person, sometimes victim, can become more apparent.

Perhaps this is the most relevant part of my life; acquiring what was to become the title of my series and then to develop ways, both through and around its influences. However, whilst that had a major part to play in the building of and future I was destined to be served, there are so many other instances being too idiotic to ignore; that together made me who I am today.

My thanks are extended to “Sir David” for this quotation; it could not be better placed. From day one, survival is the key element as we are indeed entering a Jungle, and likely to encounter so much. Surviving, in fact THRIVING, for well over sixty-years with type 1 diabetes, must be up there somewhere!

Herewith you are invited in to investigate my journey, covering the detail required to prove any of the claims I may make, warts and all. Some will very probably consider that this could have been performed in a much more normal or ordinary manner; but as you are about to find out very little of my life has been lived that way.

If you care to check the definition of extraordinary, you will find that it is given as:

“Different in type or greater in degree than the usual or ordinary”
For whatever reason, I do not do “usual or ordinary,” neither of which engage much, if any at all, of the fun element mentioned earlier.