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Scientific Explanation of the Biofeedback Method of Healing

Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD*


Corresponding Author: Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

Copy Right: © 2022 Prof. Maria Kuman, PhD, This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received Date: November 29, 2022

Published Date: December 05, 2022



For the first time, this article offers scientific explanation of the Biofeedback method of healing. Biofeedback is a mind-body therapy, which uses the fact that we are self-organized systems, to restore with mind efforts the physical health. The normal functioning of our organs is considered automatic because we don’t have conscious awareness of the functioning of our organs. It is ruled by a Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, which operates with the waves of the Spirit seen as aura. The Mind is attribute of the same Quantum Computer. This allows us to restore the normal functioning of our organs with mind efforts. Biofeedback is also a powerful therapy for restoring mental health, which usually result from strong emotional traumas.  Since the Spirit makes us emotional and strong emotion cause mental diseases by leaving scars on the Spirit, the mental diseases can also be cured with mind efforts through biofeedbabk.

Key words: biofeedback; biofeedback for physical health; biofeedback for mental health; biofeedback and our subconscious Quantum Computer.

Scientific Explanation of the Biofeedback Method of Healing


Biofeedback is a method of healing, which appeared in the 60s and has been successfully used ever since for treatment of: epilepsy, migraine headaches, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, mild head injuries (causing short term memory loss combined with confusion, blurred vision, and headache), addiction (with 80% success rate without symptoms of withdrawal comparing to 20% to 30% success rate with traditional therapies), post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, insomnia, strokes, muscular dystrophy, eating disorders, cerebral palsy, menopause, chronic pain, etc. [1]. However, regardless of the success of the biofeedback method of healing, its application remained limited because there is no scientific explanation how exactly it works.

What Exactly Is Biofeedback?

What is biofeedback? Since biofeedback is a mind-body therapy in most cases done with EEG (electroencephalographic) record of the brain activity, we should first say that the activity of the human brain has waves with 3 basic frequencies: 1/ characteristic for relax state of the brain are alpha waves with frequencies 8 to 13 Hz; characteristic for deep relax state of the brain are the theta waves with frequencies 4 to 8 Hz; and 3/characteristic for deep sleep are the delta waves with frequency 4 Hz. Characteristic for the normal awake active brain are the beta waves with frequencies between 12 Hz and 35 Hz. They are subdivided into 3 zones: 1/ low beta waves with frequencies between 12 Hz and 15 Hz; 2/ midrange beta waves with frequencies between 15 Hz and 19 Hz; and 3/ hyper-beta waves with frequencies between 19 Hz and 35 Hz.

If the brain activity is lower than 8 to 13 Hz in the morning – the person feels tired after awakening and seek stimulation through coffee or stimulating behavior. A person with brain frequency higher than 13 Hz in the morning is fully awake without coffee, but he might have trouble getting asleep at the evening and might need a few glasses of wine or a few cups of chamomile tea to asleep. The treatment with biofeedback consists of the following: the patient looks at the waves of his brain on the screen of an EEG equipment and the waves of a normal healthy brain and tries to match the frequencies of the normal brain by lowering the frequencies that are too high or increasing the frequencies that are too low. Hyperactive children have too high frequencies and after 5 to 50 sessions of biofeedback, the i.e. after many trials to decrease the frequency of their brain usually the, i.e. their hyperactivity decreases and their behavior become more manageable.

Dr. Berry Sterman from the University of UCLA School of Medicine found that cats can be trained to control their brain waves [2]. He found that the trained cats when exposed to toxic vapor causing epileptic seizures had much less seizures then the untrained cats. Monkey responded in the same way. Then Sterman started working with patients with epileptic seizures and achieved 60% reduction of their seizures. Researchers after him achieved even higher reduction. Dr. Joel Lubar (from the University of Tennessee Knoxville) found that the patients treated for epilepsy had decreased hyperactivity, improved sleep, and increased attention span. Based on these observations, Lubar started using biofeedback for treatments of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADD) [3].

Revealing the Nature of the Aura

In a number of articles, I explained that we are not only material body [4], [5], [6]. Our ability to react fast and our ability to adapt fast to any new environment and if the required changes are too big even to evolve to new species, can be explained only with the presence of waves. These waves scan the new environment and provide information to the material body how to change to adapt the new environment. These waves must be the waves of what we see as aura. I started studding the aura by photographing it with Kirlian photography. Since the aura is very weak field, high frequency electric field is used to multiply the photons and make the aura photographable. I found that positive emotions make the aura brighter, while negative emotions make the aura dimmer.

Since we say we are in high Spirit when we experience positive emotions and our aura is brighter and we say we are in low Spirit when we experience negative emotions and our aura is dimmer, I concluded that the aura must be our Spirit. Then I found that the ancient Jewish Cabala was teaching to high priest that the aura is our Spirit. I found that the field of the aura (Spirit) is very weak – it is 1,000 times weaker than the field created by the biocurrents of the material body, but this weak field rules and regulates everything in the body. Then I developed and patented very sensitive equipment that would allow me to measure this weak but very important field [7].

I found that the aura (Spirit) is nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) with a chain of alternating vortices and anti-vortices along the backbone (Fig. 1). Nonlinear fields do not dissipate and can imprint information. The waves of this aura (Spirit) scan the new environment and bring the information for the new environment to the material body telling it how to change to adapt to the new environment. How this “telling” is done us revealed in the next section. If the new environment contain virus (or viruses), their frequencies are imprinted on the aura (Spirit). Our aura (Spirit) has a donut shape (Fig. 1) and it is our protecting shield. Every virus needs to pass this protecting shield (and change some frequencies in it) to reach the material body.

How Environment and Emotions Modulate the Functioning of Our Body

As said at the beginning of section 3, we are not only material body. We are a material body and weak electromagnetic field seen as aura, which I found to be weak nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). However, as revealed in my article [8], everything material has its NEMF too – it comes from the way the material world was created [8]. Let the NEMF of the material body be NEMF1. All living beings (humans, animals and plants) have a second weak NEMF2 seen as aura, which is their Spirit. Since the field of the aura (Spirit) NEMF2 is 1,000 times weaker than the NEMF1 of the functioning body, it is obvious that the aura cannot be the field created by the functioning of the body.

Thus, we have the field of the material body NEMF1 and magnetically attached to it the weak field of the aura (Spirit) NEMF2 [9]. To magnetically attract each other, the two fields (NEMF1 and NEMF2) must have opposite magnetic polarity, i.e. to spin in opposite directions [9]. Then when the waves of aura (Spirit) NEMF2 scan the new environment and are modified by the new environment, they change the NEMF1 of the material body, which rules the functioning of the body, to fit the new environment. Since the aura (Spirit) is emotional, emotions by modulating NEMF2 of the aura (Spirit), modulate NEMF1 of the material body, which rules the functioning of the body. Thus, the presence of emotional Spirit NEMF2 in all living being, which is magnetically attached to the NEMF1 of their material body, is what allows the functioning of their material bodies to be modulated by emotions.

Scientific Explanation of Biofeedback

Strong emotions are harmful. Ancient Chinese text on acupuncture say that not only strong negative emotions harm, but strong positive emotions can also harm. Strong emotions can scar the emotional aura (Spirit) leaving imprint on its NEMF2, which will inevitably leave imprint on NEMF1 of the material body because both fields are attached. Since NEMF1 rules and regulates the functioning of the whole body through the brain nervous system, the emotional scar in NEMF2 through its connection to the body NEMF1 will make the body to malfunction. A serious emotional scare will lead to a mental disease, strong or prolonged stress to chronic disease.

Biofeedback is usually done through EEG-monitoring, which maps the NEMF1 of the brain created by the functioning neuronal set of the brain. NEMF1 rules the organs but through its connection to the NEMF2 of the emotional aura (Spirit), emotions can modulate the functioning of the organs. The Creator put everything related to the Spirit in the Subconscious to give us freedom of choice, which is the biggest gift of the Creator to us. In the Subconscious there is working with the waves of the emotional Spirit NEMF2 [5] Quantum Computer, which not only rules and regulates everything in the body, it is the source of our intuitive envision, and the birthplace of our intuitive creativity [10] and our Mind as a whole [9].

Biofeedback is elimination with Mind concentration of the caused-by-emotional-stress changes in the brain NEMF1 (seen on the EEG screen), which led to malfunctioning. The mental diseases caused by emotional scars and the chronic diseases caused by strong or prolonged stress can also be eliminated with Mind concentration through Biofeedback. It is because through the connection between the NEMF2 of the emotional Spirit and the NEMF1 of the material brain, the Mind effort has changed the brain NEMF1, and once the field of the brain is changed, this will make the functioning of the neurons (and the organs they control) normal.


Biofeedback is a feed back to the NEMF1 of the brain (seen on EEG screen) until it becomes normal NEMF1 with normal frequencies. The changes in the brain field NEMF1 caused by emotional stress are eliminated with Mind effort through the connection of the conscious brain NEMF1 to the NEMF2 of the emotional Spirit in the Subconscious. This is possible because with the waves of the emotional Spirit a Quantum Computer operates in the Subconscious, which is: the birthplace of our Mind, rules and regulates all the processes in the body, and allows the functioning of our organs to be modulated by emotions [5], [9].



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