November29, 2022

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Prolonged Use of Mask and Dental Hygiene

Dr. Atira Shyam

*Corresponding Author: Dr. Atira Shyam, Dental Surgeon, Oman

 Received Date:  October 04, 2020

 Publication Date:  November 01, 2020

Prolonged Use of Mask and Dental Hygiene

As per the situation today, it is recommended to wear masks in public. Although this is one of the standard measures to prevent COVID -19, people have learned to mask their dental problems along with it.

Throughout my practice during these pandemic days, another problem has also come up that is poor oral hygiene. Patients fail to recognize the underlying periodontal problems, caries, etc. They shy away from treatments as they believe that no one will be noticing any oral issues as long as the mouth remains covered, hence making any dental treatment unnecessary.

Through proper counseling we make them understand how a small change in habit can cause big problems in the future.

While using masks the following things are to be practiced

1) Change your mask after every 4 hours, while the mask is used it is exposed to the outer infectious environment, hence its prolonged use or re-use is not advised.

2)Drink water, it is essential to drink an adequate amount of water as dryness of the mouth can lead to bacterial growth which leads to caries and halitosis.

3)Do not compromise on oral hygiene, wash your mouth from time to time, brush twice daily, and floss after each meal.

4)Get regular dental check-ups and take the necessary treatments as advised by your dentist.

Always remember that immunization is not all about vaccines, it’s also about self-care and maintenance. Together let’s overcome this pandemic.



Volume 1 Issue 3 November 2020

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