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Lung Cancer

Andrew Hague*

*Corresponding Author: Andrew Hague, President of CellSonic Limited, United Kingdom.

Received Date:  December 12, 2020

Publication Date:  January 01, 2021 

The ease with which cancer is stopped by CellSonic surprises oncologists and delights patients. Cancer is an electrical fault. The behaviour of the cells is corrected by changing the voltage to that of healthy cells, a process called electroporation. There is no surgery and no drugs. This is biophysics, not biochemistry. There are no side effects and the replication of mutating cancer cells is stopped immediately. Then starts the healing of the damage caused by cancer and the usual problems in patients unfortunate to have been treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

Cancer in the lungs has special difficulties because the tissues converted from malign to benign have to be removed. Lung surgery is seldom an option.

CellSonic sells to specialist clinics where the patients pay for treatments. These clinics are too busy to tell CellSonic about their successes; they just keep ordering more shock heads, the consumable parts of the machine. Their patients tell others that CellSonic is better than anything else but CellSonic seldom gets detailed medical information. Fortunately, a radiologist’s report was sent to me about a patient and forms the basis of this article.

Lung Cancer

The lady patient

I was asked to phone the lady, sister of a friend, and explain how CellSonic would help her lung cancer. There would be no drugs, no side effects and no pain. How much she understood, I am not sure. It was clear she didn’t trust the oncologist. My assurance that CellSonic would do not harm was all she wanted to know. Everything else, chemotherapy and radiation would make things worse. She knew, like everyone, that the big hospital in town does not cure cancer and she was not prepared to let them damage her anymore. She went for treatment to a CellSonic clinic in London. A few months later she gets this report on the scan. The tumour had decreased by 50%.

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The problem with lung cancer is not stopping the replication of mutating cells, which is done immediately by the electrical field emitted by the hand-held head of the CellSonic machine; what takes time is getting rid of the benign tissues left in the lungs. The patient coughs and wheezes. The pieces that the immune system has broken off the unrequired lumps have to be removed from the lungs and the only way out is up the throat blown out by coughing and spluttering. The patient had asked me if that was alright. It was not alright for her comfort but it was alright because there is no alternative and each piece spat out is one less to hinder her breathing. 

I encouraged her to get outdoors for walks in quiet places where she could spit without damaging the surroundings. The countryside is easier than urban streets where a cluster of paper handkerchiefs is the only way. One has to be practical on these matters. The ease with which CellSonic stopped the cancer was impressive. The patient’s brother who had contacted me in the first place saw the potential. He is now forming a company to open CellSonic clinics. Many people see the results of conventional cancer treatments and are terrified.



The standard protocol is to aim the shock head of the CellSonic machine at the tumour for 300 pulses at energy level 4. The energy levels go from a low of 1 to the highest of 10. The lungs are inside the cage of ribs so that the pulses have to be aimed through the gaps. This is not as tricky as it may first appear because the aiming does not have to be accurate. The tumour is the main target but any single cancer cells migrating to somewhere else have also to be caught and stopped. 

There are two forces emitted by the shock head: pressure and electrical field; both kill or damage cancer cells. The pressure pulses are blocked by the ribs. The electrical field passes through bone. CellSonic generates the pressure pulse (also called a shock because it is sudden and of short duration, one nanosecond) by shorting 25,000 volts across a one-millimetre gap. The acoustic bang when the electricity jumps the gap is the pressure pulse. The 25,000-volt surge has an electrical field lasting only one nanosecond.

The difference between cancer cells and healthy cells is the voltage across the cells. Cancer cells have a voltage of -15 millivolts (MV) and healthy cells have -75 MV. The electrical field from CellSonic lifts the cancer cell to convert it to a healthy cell and it does it instantly. It changes the behaviour of the cells. They stop replicating mutant cells profusely and only replicate healthy cells as required. This process is called electroporation. The technical description of the CellSonic technique is non-surgical, irreversible electroporation. Non-surgical because nothing is inserted into the body so that there is no incision. Irreversible because the voltage does not drop back.

It is not always clear where the tumours are in the lungs. The best approach is to assume they are everywhere. Single cells are as much a problem as tumours and they can be anywhere. Therefore, the doctor aiming the shock head has to aim at all parts of the lungs. This is not straightforward. The heart is close by and there is air in the lungs. There have never been any problems for the heart caused by CellSonic pulses but that is no reason to be complacent. Avoid letting the pulse rate of the CellSonic, four a second, dominate the heart. Give 50 pulses and stop. Make sure the heartbeat is normal and then another 50 and so on step by step. The pressure pulses cannot pass through gas and air is a gas. The pulse is generated in water in the shock head. It couples to the body with ultrasound gel which acts like water to allow the pulse to travel into the body and the body is 80% water. When a pulse reaches air in the lungs, it stops and can go no further. The electrical field is not blocked but the pressure pulse is.

The cancers are sitting on parts of the lungs. The only way to hit them is to aim in from all sides, front, back, left and right. Beware of the heart as already explained. If more than 300 pulses are used for each tumour, it does not matter. They do not harm healthy tissue.


The immune system

The lady in this case had three treatments each about a month apart. Whether one treatment would have been enough and whether more are still needed, we can never be sure. She is now recovering from the damage caused by cancer and the unsuitable treatments given by oncologists. The main area of recovery is her mental state.

Cancer means death or so everyone believes because it is never treated properly. Worse than that, when the chemo and radiation fail, the oncologist will tell the patient that there is nothing more that can be done and they are in stage 4. There is no stage 5. The patient prepares to die. The nonsense of chemotherapy is that it shuts off the immune system. This powerful self-healing mechanism is blocked.

The link between the body and the brain is evident. The two correspond through the spinal cord with nerves carrying messages. The immune system maintains our health and is also a diagnostic tool to tell us what to do to remain healthy. The thoughts in the brain form the mind and it is those thoughts that affect the messages controlling the body. Tell a patient they are dying and their view is usually defeatist and pessimistic. When they are determined, they find CellSonic and arrive desperately and badly damaged. If only they had contacted CellSonic sooner. Many CellSonic clinics have become emergency hospitals.

Integrative Medicine

There are many clinics offering cancer treatments based on controlled diets. They describe themselves as integrative medicine. The alternative is the big hospital with chemotherapy and radiation. The deadly poison of chemo and the cancer-causing nuclear radiation is disastrous but supported by a medical establishment unable to understand that cancer is an electrical fault, not chemical, so biochemistry can never solve the problem. Many doctors in the integrative medicine sector have told me that with CellSonic they now have the final key to the problem. They can switch off cancer. They already have the means of repairing the damage. 



Cancer should not be a death sentence. It forms daily in most people and every night the immune system finds it and stops it. It happens because we replicate our body cells every six weeks or thereabouts and with billions of cells there will always be some that do not replicate exactly. These failures are mutations and have a low voltage across their membrane. The immune system finds them easily and either kill them or converts them. That is normal.

When the immune system is impaired, it fails to intercept cancer cells leaving them to multiply. Within a few years, the cancer cells become a lump causing pain. The question is, what impairs the immune system? In most cases, it is stress, invariably a result of relationships. Chemicals damage the body especially nicotine and tar in the lungs and industrial chemicals getting into the blood to invade all organs. A content mind managing a body fed with a sensible diet and exercising regularly will fight off incipient cancer cells. A perturbed mind is unable to manage an efficient immune system. The key to cancer is emotions. Humans are a species prone to thinking and although mental ability allows them to claim superiority over other creatures it is also a weakness. CellSonic is a product of invention and intellectual agility. It can rectify the electrical faults in cells. Whether it will switch a person from depression to delight remains to be seen. There is hope. Patients subject to many pulses in cases of gangrene and severed spinal cord report feeling happy after treatments and always look forward to the next treatment. If only the CellSonic clinics would send me more detailed reports.


There are no references. The content of this article is based on years of experience with CellSonic and listening to patients and machine users. If you, dear reader, want to know more please refer to and where there is a contact us link which will forward your question to me. In the medical website, there is a cancer section with many articles to download

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