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Coronavirus in Jordan

Noor AlKiswani*

*Corresponding Author: Noor AlKiswani, Microbiology section head at united veterinary drugs industrial.

Received Date:  January 31, 2021

Publication Date: February 02, 2021

Coronavirus in Jordan

In the first step in march/2020 when coronavirus reaches Jordan the 1st infection was on 02/03/2020, the government represented by dr. sad Jabber minister of health announced that this infection refers to a young person with 30 years who come from Italy, then imposed a quarantine on him and his family to make tests and the result was positive.

Before that the government make seriously precautionary measures inside our country and seriously following this pandemic by present perfect awareness of how to deal with this infection by telling us in the newspaper and series of conferences on the TV in the latter days, there were no new infections was announced by the government until 15/03/2020.    

On this day registered new infection mostly for Jordanian people which were being back from outside before the government announced the suspension of flights and closed the land, sea, and airports, Dr. Sad Jabber announced that will be disrupting the schools and prevent gatherings if the numbers of infections arrived at 20.

After that when the infections arrived at 40, a defense order issued from the government which was from many precautionary measures that state disruption of official institutions and departments and the private sector except the health sector and some vital sectors and prevent people to leave their homes except in cases of extreme necessity.

The government prevents gathering for more than 10 persons and the traveling between countries and make many orders for the benefit of the people. Then prime minister announced that all incoming and outgoing flights will stop except commercial shipping.

After that the education stopped in schools and universities transfer to be online on the radio and TV stations, the government issued to prevent national events like weddings and funerals and prevent the prays in all of mosques and churches and closed the tourism sites to sanitized it, also canceled the lyrical and cultural events and closed cinemas, sports clubs as gyms, youth centers restaurants and cafes, swimming facilities and prisons and hospitals visits.


Quarantine and isolation

In the first week of the virus spreading the government announced that all suspected cases will be isolated in hotels in all countries at government expenses, 1900 persons back to Jordan during 18 to 25 March isolated in dead sea hotels and 3000 persons in Amman hotels, until 24 March the number of people in quarantine reaches 5050 persons and hotels 34.

The government represented in the national center for security and crisis management are planning to start social distancing and turn to digital platforms so as not to crash citizens life’s during the quarantine period, digital platforms diversified to include all educational, health, food delivery, application for work permits, online education and request medicine from pharmacies or transportation for emergency cases.

Until 30 April the detection checks about novel coronavirus reach 61,608 tests, the most numbers of infected people reached in Irbid city so on 27/03/2020 the government isolated Irbid city from the other cities in Jordan, after 14 days there is no one case record to be infected in Irbid, so the government finishes the quarantine on it.

After that, the situation repeats for Aqaba city, Mafraq, and Zarqa. On 22 May the government imposed a blanket curfew for 3 days because of a huge increase in infected cases was happened.

On 6 June the level of severity decreased significantly so many sectors reopened. After several months of epidemic curve stabilization Jordan experienced an unprecedented rise of infected people and deaths numbers so Dr. Omar alrazzaz prime minister issued that Jordan starts seriously faces the second level of coronavirus, so official people warned from health sector collapse because it’s can’t accommodate the huge numbers of infected people, and member of the epidemiology committee warned that Jordan maybe enters an epidemic crisis and record 8 thousand infection daily.

The new number of confirmed infected people has reached until 1 November 75,866 infection, and 866 death cases, by this numbers Jordan record highest death percentage because of novel coronavirus compared to the number of people in the Arab world.

On 6 November/2020 Jordanian media stated that the infected people overflow 100,000 infection and death people reach to 1136 deaths and until now, King Abdullah bin al- Hussein the second, government and people we resist this epidemic.


Volume 2 Issue 2 February 2021

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