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Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots as Nanorobots to Detect and Kill Corona Virus from Earth Environment

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh*

*Corresponding Author: Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh, ISTM, Mumbai, M.S, India.

Received Date:  July 20, 2020                                           

Publication Date: August 01, 2020

Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots as Nanorobots to Detect and Kill Corona Virus from Earth Environment


Since October 2019 to complete year 2020 humanity battle with very strange time of enemy which is completely invisible though human race reach mars and moon, though explored our galaxy stars, moons, planets and all but kneel down in front of one ultramicroscopic virus called “Corona” by World Health Organization and disease because of it “Coronavirus Disease 2019 OR COVID-19”, but the original name of I mentioned “Wuhan-Virus or China-Virus” because though WHO masking to the matter but City Wuhan of China solely responsible for this Corona Outbreak in world on Earth Environment I don’t know this outbreak was in China in Natural from God or they spread out this intentionally with bad intentions and possibility for doubt is in Wuhan they had Wuhan Institute of Virology where they perform several synthetic biological operation and develop “Biological Weapons” in the form of danger viruses and Corona of them and likewise several also exist like G4 virus in swine of China but they used to hide all reality.

Hence I would like to divert the attention of all biologist, virologist, life-sciences researcher, all computer and electronics professional, engineers and developer come together and engineer “Anti-Virus” for Virus Corona and spread out that “Anti-Virus” in Earth Environment to kill existence of “Corona”  permanently from planet Earth. All researchers, scientists, engineers, and developers in Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, and Computer setup meeting and come out with solutions using brainstorming. And the one I suggest we must have to pay attention how we can engineer and use “Nanoparticles” or “Quantum Dots” as Nanorobots to scan the Corona Virus in Human and complete environment and surface and kill them instantly against of Corona Virus outbreak. As we all knew this virus changing its genome therefore difficult to develop proper vaccines though we will get vaccines soon but the vaccine only after symptoms in patients but what about environment and surface from were in contact spread out with human to human transmission and unfortunately, we are helpless to see it. Thus we must have to manipulate and engineer atoms as Nanoparticles or Quantum Dots on 10-9 scale in such a fashion it must have the ability to detect coronavirus in the environment or in the human body in the form of Nanorobots after spread out in the air of earth environments which detect and kill Corona Virus and work like Anti-Virus smartly with self-changing of atoms position as Corona Virus change its Genome according to it and for respective action.

If humankind succeeds to do so this epidemic tends to epidemic soon and doomsdays on planet earth again shifted for a long time this Artificial tiny nanoparticle or Quantum Dots themselves has large success in several domains and using as Nanomedicines in several treatments will also be helpful to fight against COVID-19 where each particle or dot itself one of the big A.I based nanorobot which clean environment to make it Corona free and would be one of the big achievement in Nanotechnology. This would be a smart solution for this artificial Corona Virus or Biological Weapon and gift to mankind.


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Volume 1 Issue 2 August 2020
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