December07, 2022

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Parenting: A Universal Solution to Your Problems!
Dr. Mansi chaturvedi

Corresponding Author: Dr. Mansi Chaturvedi, Dental Surgeon at Clove Dental, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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Received Date: October 04, 2021

Published date: November 01, 2021

Parenting: A Universal Solution to Your Problems!


A seminar was held on behaviour management of a child. There were many parents who were the part of the seminar and ofcourse the students and their teachers were also present. A renowned psychologist gave all the relevant information in the beginning and then Q&A ritual began. One by one every question got a straightforward answer, based on doctor’s theoretical and practical knowledge. Every query raised, either by a parent or by a teacher. Everyone was eager to know, how to address certain behavioral issues in a child, that a parent and a teacher are unable to spot by their own. But a question in my mind, was unsettling me until it was on the verge of spilling.” How to understand a child who has grown up and emerged as a parent to his or her child?”  Parenthood is a qualification that naturally adds to the profile of a human, when we become parent to a child or as a responsibility, we take upon ourselves to nurture a naive specie. Do we have an answer?

When both my parents were offspring’s to their parents, were they having a correct guidance in place? Had any of their emotional needs met, by reaching out to an adviser or a counceller, sooner or later the parents took cognizance of their strange behaviour towards things? Now the point is not to find out whether your parents ever seek medical attention and if not then we are in a similar kind of situation because of them, but here the crux need to be drawn out, what is not right in place.

We seldom pose so many questions forth our parents, either directly or due to our unfamiliar attitudes that they are helpless to find the answers. When they give up, they reach out to a specialist who may not have attained parenthood but is assumed have answers of all queries pertaining to their child.
The psychologist talked about 4 categories of a parent.

1) Authoritative (let’s talk about it)

2) Authoritarian (because i said so)

3) Permissive (you are in charge)

4) neglectful (you are on your own)

Reflections of each category of parent create categories in children.

A child and a parent both are nurtured and raised through parenting.  Parenting can train both child and parent.

Parenting for a Parent

In the above categories, Authoritative appealed to most of the parents who were present in seminar. But it cannot be acquired through bidding, it can only be worked upon or realised in a right state of mind, body and soul. When a parent is easy on himself, it is only then he can ascertain, kind of fire lit in a child. Here fire pertains to something left on flames inside the mind and body but is it getting consumed or fuelled, requires a careful vigil. Some are made parents by society and some become parents by choice. Those who choose to become parents are actively taking part in the process. Parenting not only make a parent dutiful in handling child’s affairs, but it also allows parents to pamper themselves before pampering their children. If a child puts forth his views or his choices, a parent can be alert as a listener, thoughtful as a thinker, quiet as a clueless student at the time of viva voce, curious as a scientist who thoroughly research, discuss with colleagues, in your case you can discuss with your spouse or with your child, this way you can rejoice his abilities. After all research parent can be motivational as a speaker, can rule out as a physician, or can step back and watch over as a leader. Teaching yet learning from experiences, that is what we all do while growing, the process of learning never stops, even you become a parent or a grandparent.

If you are taking off for a vacation, never think it would please your child or your spouse, always think that a break from routine is always relaxing for your mind and body. You can always get back to work with a fresh intent and a fulfilling resolve.


Parenting for a Child:

A child can be taught parenting right from the beginning, by parenting a pet at home or a younger sibling or a friend. For a child parenting skill can develop in him an attitude of a caregiver. Parenting inculcates good habits in a child. This way a kid can always serve his parents and other members of the house in a better way. From a tender age, child shoulder responsibilities along with the parents and considers himself an important member of the family who stays spirited and robust in the face of difficulties. A child sometimes amaze others in the family with his killer parenting abilities. Child contemplates choices for the ones under his care, this way he emerges as a decision maker. Let child at a right age guide you for choices that aren’t coming to you naturally. Abiding by the senior most member in a community, in a group or in a home mustn’t always be the trend. A younger member deserves to be actively heard and followed if his ideas stand out from the rest.

Let’s stop complicate the hype a bit, work together for reducing it to nill.