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Explaining the Ability to Intuitively Diagnose and Heal

           Maria Kuman, PhD*

Corresponding Author: Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

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Received Date: October 09, 2021

Published date: November 01, 2021



The article discusses and explains the phenomena of intuitive diagnosis, healing, and reviving the dead of Academic Grabovoi in Russia and the intuitive diagnosis of Vanga in Bulgaria. It is explained that this is done through the Quantum Computer in our Subconscious, which operates with the waves of our weak nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which we see as aura. Jesus’ healing and reviving the dead was done in the same way. The article emphasizes that now when we started building Quantum Computers, it is extremely important to acknowledge the role, which our sophisticated Quantum Computer (in the Subconscious) plays in intuitive creativity and intuitive diagnosis and healing. This would speed the development of the Quantum Computers and help us better see their future use in diagnosis and healing.

Key words: Quantum Computers; intuitive diagnosis; intuitive healing; Quantum Computers in Diagnosis; Quantum Computers in healing.

Explaining the Ability to Intuitively Diagnose and Heal

The Phenomenon Grabovoi

Who is Grabovoi? He is Russian academician, who can diagnose with equal success people, airplanes, and all kind of technique, and has numerous patents. He can heal, revive the death, regrow organs, which were surgically removed 13 or more years ago, etc. He is a medical genius and not only medical. He was born with these extra-sensory abilities. At the same time, he is childishly naïve. In his book: ”The Resurrection of People and Everlasting Life – Our Reality from Now on” published in Moscow in 2002 [1], he writes: “If I can do it, you can do it.” It is very naïve to think that everybody can learn to be a genius like him and do everything he is doing after practicing the suggested by him one month of meditation.

When I was reading his book, it became quite obvious that this genius man has troubles verbalizing his thoughts. I had to read his sentences three times to understand what he is trying to say, and frequently even after 3 readings I was still not understanding. I also noticed that he cannot distinguish Spirit from Soul and is using the words improperly. (We are body and Spirit and the Soul is the unity of body and Spirit) [2]. Also, when speaking about re-growing organs, he writes that we need to see the time as a function of the coordinates and it is the other way around. To describe growth (or any dynamic change) we need to see the coordinates changing with time, i.e. to see the coordinates as a function of time. I have done a lot of mathematical modeling of dynamic events and you can trust me.

So immediate questions aroused in my head: “How is it possible that this genius Russian academician does not know some basic facts and why he cannot verbalize his thoughts?” The verbalization is done by the Conscious. If Grabovoi cannot formulate his thoughts, there should be something wrong with his conscious brain. We can only speculate that maybe during his delivery his brain surface didn’t get enough oxygen for a while and got damaged. As a compensation, he was allowed to access and use the Quantum Computer in his Subconscious, which is our Super-computer and the birthplace of our intuitive creativity [3].

This would explain why Grabovoi is so intuitively creative, which makes him genius. At the same time, he is a handicap because he cannot verbalize his thoughts. And if he cannot distinguish Spirit from Soul, it is because he cannot ask questions. Questions are formulated in the conscious brain and obviously his conscious brain does not function well.


More about Our Quantum Computer in the Subconscious

Hypnotists put the Conscious to sleep to access the Subconscious usually with therapeutic purpose - to discover what caused the ongoing disease. When doing this, the hypnotists discovered with surprise that their patients with sleeping conscious could calculate 10,000 times faster, which could be explained only if we have a powerful Super-Computer in the Subconscious. Thus, we became aware of the existence of the Super Computer in our Subconscious from hypnosis. Why do we need this Super-Computer at Subconscious level? Obviously, for security reasons we were ingenuously created with two types of memories (conscious and Subconscious) and two types of vision (with our eyes and with our subconscious mind) [4].

Each one of us has Conscious, which is on the brain surface, and works on biochemical basis as a digital computer. However, obviously in the Subconscious in deep areas of the brain every one of us has a Super Computer, but since the Super Computer is in the Subconscious, we are not consciously aware of its existence. I am going to prove to you that this is a Quantum Computer.  “Quantum” means “waves” and the computer in our Subconscious is Quantum Computer because it works with the waves of our nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which we see as aura [4].

I spent 40 years of my life measuring the aura’s field. I found that it is nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). I found that it is weak field. I had to develop and patent special sensitive equipment to be able to measure it because it is 1,000 times weaker than the field created by the biocurrents of the body [5]. However, this weak field rules and regulates everything in the body, not with its strength, but with the information it carries. I also found that this weak informational field is emotional [6] and since we say we are in high Spirit when we experience positive emotions and we say we are in low Spirit when we experience negative emotions, this is our Spirit. Thus, we are symbiosis of a material body and Spirit seen as aura [7], and our Quantum Computer operates with the waves of the Spirit (aura) NEMF.  

From hypnosis, which puts the Conscious to sleep to allow contact with the Subconscious [8], we know that the Subconscious contains a full record of our lifetime. Our sleep is non-stop alternative switches between light sleep, when the conscious is active (and dreams take place) and deep sleep when the emotional Subconscious is active. It seems that during these switches the visual, hearing, and etc. information recorded during the day in the Conscious (on the surface of the brain) is scanned and sent for long-term storage in the Quantum Computer, which is in the deeper areas of the brain called the Subconscious.

The famous mathematician von Neumann estimated that the human memory of lifetime is about 2.8.1020 bits of information [8]. What kind of memory should the Quantum Computer in our Subconscious have to be able to handle such large amount of information? Since holographic memory (memory with coherent waves) allows the most compact record, the full lifetime record in the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious [9] must be holographic. This is supported by the fact that our organs are holographically represented on the surface of the body: on our palms, feet, ears, tongue, and the irises of our eyes [10]. 

The acupuncturists know that they can heal with equal success by treating the acupuncture points of the sick organ on any of these representations [10]. Thus, we have holographic representations of the organs on the surface of the body to tell us that our organs are ruled and regulated on holographic principle. Since holographic images could be created only with laser-type of waves obviously the functioning of all our organs is ruled and regulated with waves. Since we have a Quantum Computer in the Subconscious operating with waves on holographic principle, this Quantum Computer must be the one handling the organs’ functioning.

Why is the functioning of all our organs subordinated to the Subconscious? Why we don’t have conscious awareness of their function? It is deliberately done because in crucial moments of our life, when our life is threatened and we need to react fast to survive, we don’t want to be bothered with information about the functioning of our internal organs.  Not only is the functioning of all our organs subordinated to the Subconscious, everything else in the body is ruled and regulated by the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, and this is done with waves - the waves our aura (Spirit) NEMF – on holographic principle.

Thus, we all have a material conscious brain, which memorizes on biochemical principle like a digital computer, but we can also memorize with our subconscious brain on holographic principle through the Quantum Computer, which operates with the laser-type of waves of our nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) [4] seen as aura and called Spirit.  It must be the one handling our lifetime holographic memory at subconscious level. It seems that this Quantum Super Computer is the biggest gift, which the Creator gave us, because it works with the waves of our NEMF seen as aura (Light) and called Spirit.

However, being Supreme Intelligence, the Creator gave access to the powerful Super Computer only to highly spiritual people, who meat some moral criteria. (It makes sense.) We know this from the research of Dr. Valerie Hunt [11], who studied the biofield (aura) and found that while the majority of people have aura with major frequency 200 Hz, the aura of clairvoyants (who have access to the Quantum Computer, which allows them to make quantum jump to the future and foresee the future or quantum jump to the past and see the past) have aura (Spirit) frequencies between 400 Hz and 800 Hz. (We must underline that both the frequencies and the intensity of the aura (Spirit) NEMF are important.)

The higher the major frequency of the aura NEMF, the more spiritual the person is, and the better he sees with his Mind (the future, the past, etc. [4], [11]). This is an additional proof that the Mind is an attribute to the human aura (Spirit) NEMF. Dr. Keith Floyd, psychologist at Virginia Interment College said: “If reality is nothing but a holographic illusion, the physical brain does not produce the mind. Rather, it is the mind that creates the appearance of the brain, as well as the body...” [8]. Indeed, the nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), called Spirit, creates the whole body, including the brain, and our superb Mind comes with the Spirit and operates on holographic principle.

By all means, it seems that our aura is not the field produced by the body functioning, as some scientists think [12]. The aura (Spirit) we see is weak informational NEMF, which caries three-dimensional record of the individual to be. Only when the Spirit NEMF joins the NEMF of the father’s DNA and mother’s DNA, the embryo development can start and first heart, then lungs, brain, etc. are developed. Thus, the NEMF of the Spirit is the one that creates the organs, and later rules, regulates, and synchronizes their function. It also rules (controls) the growing of our skin, nails, and hair and everything else in the body.

Through its waves, the Spirit’s NEMF records (memorizes) as holograms in the Quantum Computer everything we see, hear, smell, or emotionally experience during our lifetime and store this information in the Subconscious. Since nonlinear electromagnetic field means also field that does not dissipate and field that can pass through walls or screens, at the end of life when the person dies, this non-dissipating NEMF leaves the body [9], but it carries the memory of the whole lifetime as a three-dimensional holographic record.

Seeing with the Mind for Intuitive Diagnosis

Can we really see with our Mind? According to Hindu and Yoga texts, we can also see with our Mind, not only with our eyes [13]. Who can see with his Mind? According to the studies of Dr. Valerie Hunt, the higher is the major frequency of the biofield (aura) of a person, the higher are his abilities to see with his Mind [11]. This is extremely important if the person is a medical doctor because the holographic seeing of his Spirit’s NEMF would allow him to see inside the body of the patient. He will not only see what is wrong with the patient, he would see what caused it, and he would see how to fix it [2].

I met at a conference in Bermuda Dr. Vitulkas from Greece, who was seeing with his mind. He was coming to the US to teach courses in a Naturopathic School and his students told me that his diagnoses were right more than 95% of the cases. The doctor told me how shocked one of his patients in Greece was when he told her before she opened her mouth that she is having heart troubles because of the problems she is having with her husband. Doctors usually don’t say things like this, which explained her surprise, but she confirmed she was having troubles with her heart and her husband.

Shafica Karagula, neuropsychiatrist in Los Angeles, got interested in the 1960s of doctors doing nontraditional diagnostic with intuitive vision. After a few trials to contact such gifted doctor, finally she signed in as a patient. When in his office, she asked what he sees being wrong with her. He scanned her with his eyes and said she would need a surgery. She knew this because she already diagnosed herself and was just looking for confirmation [12]. He was right in every detail.


The Phenomenon Vanga and Her Ability to Intuitively Diagnose

Could our aura (Spirit) NEMF really see? In Bulgaria, there was a woman, Vanga, who was physically blind, but she could see with her Mind [2]. She would walk along the pathway in the garden and she would suddenly stop and pointing to a particular plant say to her niece: “You think that this is just a flower, but it is also an herb good for this and this disease.” She was clairvoyant seeing with her Mind inside the people’s body, seeing their health problems, as well as their past and future. She was phenomenal and she was for years investigated by the Bulgarian Medical Academy, but they never understood the source of her abilities.

I knew a person, who for a long time had constant diarrhea, lost a lot of weight, and was on his way to die, when he decided to go and see Vanga. Vanga told him right away that he has problem with the pancreas. However, when leaving at the door he decided to ask a question. Vanga said: “Do you ask your radio questions? Don’t ask questions now, the connection is interrupted.” When his pancreas was investigated, the doctors found it was not producing the enzyme it should. When they prescribed him the enzymes, which his pancreas was not producing, his diarrhea stopped, he started to gain weight, and he was able to enjoy his life again.


The Phenomenon Jesus

Up to now, we discussed the phenomenon Vanga and the phenomenon Grabovoi. In both cases, their abnormal sensitivity and ability to intuitively diagnose (Vanga) or intuitively diagnose and cure diseases (Grabovoi) were in the case of Vanga a compensating mechanism for a lost vision or in the case of Grabovoi a compensating mechanism for lost ability to use properly the conscious brain. However, you don’t need to be handicap to be able to intuitively diagnose and cure diseases, which is done through access to the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious.

As we have shown in section 2, not everybody can have access to the Quantum Computer and use it to diagnose and cure intuitively. Contrary to what Grabovoi said that everybody can diagnose and cure intuitively after a monthly practice of the meditation recommended by him [1], the research of Dr. Valerie Hunt [11] showed that only people with high major frequency (400 Hz - 800 Hz) of their aura (Spirit) NEMF (who are highly spiritual people) can be clairvoyants, i.e. can foresee the future and see the past, and they are the ones who can intuitively diagnose and heal. This is because they have access to their Quantum Computer in the Subconscious.

Such highly spiritual person, who could intuitively diagnose and heal, as well as revive the death, was Jesus. He was not handicap like Grabovoi or Vanga, but he could do it because his spiritual level was the highest possible on Earth. The more spiritual a person is, the higher is the major frequency of his Spirit NEMF, and the easier it is for him to access and use the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, which works with the waves of our aura (Spirit) NEMF. That is why it is worth working hard to grow spiritually because this empowers you; it allows you access to the Quantum Computer, which enables you to intuitively diagnose, heal, and even revive the dead [14], [15], [16].


When we see with our eyes, the information is recorded in our conscious mind, which is our digital computer. But we can also see with our Mind, and this is done through the Quantum Computer in our Subconscious, which operates with the waves of our NEMF, seen as aura (Light) and called Spirit. Since it operates with waves, it is at least 10,000 times faster (known from study of hypnosis). The Quantum Computer also has tremendous storage capacity because the memorizing with waves on holographic principle is very compact.

We are already on the way to create Quantum Computers and if so we should be ready to acknowledge the fact that in our Subconscious there is a Quantum Computer operating with holographic images created with the waves of our NEMF, seen as aura and called Spirit. If when creating Quantum Computers, we would have as a prototype the sophisticated Quantum Computer in our Subconscious, we would make much faster progress. The Quantum Computers, which we will create, will be capable to see what is inside the body and diagnose with precision as the doctors who see with their Mind do.


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