March20, 2023

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           Maria Kuman, PhD*

Corresponding Author: Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

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Received Date: October 09, 2021

Published date: November 01, 2021


In the middle centuries, there were many trials to find the “philosophical stone” that will allow them to transform one chemical element into another. The final goal of these trials was to be able to make gold. They failed miserably and their trials were mocked with the name “al-chemistry” or “alchemy”. This was during the dark ages, but is such a thing possible in principle. Plant’s physiology found that plants could do it [1], and if plants can do it, this means that it is possible. The Russian Acad. Grabovoi claims that the human Mind is capable of doing it (just as the plants), but it requires meditation practice [2].

Other Russian studies found through EEG measurements that during meditation  (and during prayer) the conscious is not active [3]. If meditation is required to learn to transform one chemical element into another, and during meditation the Conscious is not active, the Subconscious must be doing the transformation. It is probably one of the many miracles the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious is doing [4]. Our Mind is product of this Quantum Computer in the Subconscious and it seems that this Quantum Computer: connect us telepathically, allow us to predict the future and see the past through quantum jumps to the future and the past, heal miraculously, revive the dead, and it seems it can also transform one chemical element into another.

If plants can transform one chemical element into another, humans should be able to do it, too. I have an article published about how the material world was created [5]. First a sphere of Space Matrix was created, in which the Creator carved the Black Holes of anti-matter, and these Black Holes created the whole material world. The nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) that separated the anti-matter of the Black Holes from the created matter got imprinted on all material creations. As a result, everything material is a material body and light weak informational NEMF. 

All living beings have a second NEMF spinning in opposite direction of the NEMF of the material body, which makes them magnetically attached. This second NEMF is what we see as aura. I spent almost 40 years measuring the human NEMF seen as aura. I found that the aura is emotionally sensitive – it shines brighter at positive emotions and it is dimmer at negative emotions. Since we feel in high Spirit when we experience positive emotions and we feel in low Spirit when experiencing negative emotions, I concluded that our emotional aura must be our Spirit. Then I found that this is what the ancient Jewish Cabala was teaching to high priests thousands of years ago.

I also found that the emotional Spirit rules and regulates everything in the body, which makes all the functioning of the body sensitive to emotions. Our Spirit NEMF is weak informational field, which being template of the hologram of the Creator, contains some of the wisdom, consciousness, and abilities of the Creator. If all living beings (plants, animals, and humans) have this second NEMF called Spirit and if the NEMF of the plants can transform one element into another, humans should be able do it too with their second NEMF called Spirit. 

Only we need to put our Conscious to sleep (with meditation or prayer) and let the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, which operates with the waves of our NEMF (Spirit), do it. The Russian Acad. Grobovoi, says that we call these things “miracles” and claim that they disagree with the Laws of Nature, but as a matter of fact they disagree only with our perceptions of the Laws of Nature, which need to change [2].

Acad. Grabovoi also claims that with the power of our Mind (product of the Quantum Computer in our Subconscious), we can:

1/ rule the weather,

2/ rule the computers and any other technique,

3/ materialize and dematerialize objects,

4/ resurrect,

5/ cure diseases, etc. and

6/ this etc. includes the transformation of one chemical element into another.

The aura (Spirit) is our protective shield. Any virus could reach the material body only if the protective shield of the Spirit is not strong enough to stop it [3].  If so, as I said in [6], maybe the Pandemic is here to ignite interest to our weak informational NEMF seen as aura and called Spirit. This Spirit can do all the above listed miraculous things including the transformation of one chemical element into another.



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