March24, 2023

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Electronic devices and their impact on children

Gamal Attalla*

Corresponding Author: Gamal Attalla,  clinical psychologist Saudi Arabia.

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Received Date: November 17, 2021

Published Date: December 01, 2021

Electronic devices and their impact on children

The medicine contains a deadly poison” A saying that was repeated a lot and we heard it in Egyptian cinema, and some were surprised how the panacea, relieving pain after God, has become a kind of deadly poison and we must refrain from consuming it. Temporary, as it actually contains a deadly poison that leads to the child’s gradual loss of his skills and abilities and even affects his behavior and emotions with those around him. It has been the custom of many to give the child the electronic device for entertainment and calm, and we hand the child to the device and not the device to the child. His prey to the device and he is controlling the child, not controlling him Devices affect the physical development of the body, turning it from a spark of activity and movement to lethargy and laziness, leading to complete abstinence from eating or binge eating and reaching obesity, not to mention the danger of continuous exposure to radiation from the device and its negative effects on the brain.

It also leads to eye strain and leads to visual weakness and strabismus with pain in the neck and back affects academic abilities, apathy, and some reject the idea of ??returning to the book and recalling lessons. Aggressive tendencies and multiple behavioral problems by imitating games or YouTube clips in an incomprehensible way for some, as the child blindly imitates the games and movements he watches, But there is no doubt, whether we like it or not, the devices, despite their negative impact on our children, the continuation of their existence is inevitable on us and may have some simple positive effects that we hardly mention until the negative effects overcome them. Some useful applications develop the ability to think and solve problems, but some of them soon move to entertainment and killing games and follow YouTube channels and other sites that negatively affect us and our children.

* A German study has proven the harm of devices and their impact on the behavior of the child, which leads to excessive “ Mobility, distraction, and apathy 2 to 6 years old.

Some Arab studies focused on the impact of devices on children, such as the study of Abu Al-Rub, Muhammad Omar and Al-Qusiri, Elham Mustafa in 2014 and Marwa Shoman in 2014, and a study was conducted in Sharjah on 1000 families, which showed that 87% negatively affect children, 77% of The sample admitted that the devices lead to the emergence of behavioral and social disorder, and 90% of them supported not giving the devices to children (Al-Ain news website 12/21/2017).

Therefore, we must refrain as much as possible from handing over the child to the device, especially in the age stages Try to take care of the child and his presence with the parents and brothers as long as possible with continuous talking with him and the use of hand games that help develop the child’s skills while trying to involve him in kindergarten and practicing sports activities.