March29, 2023

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Some Types of Interaction that are Predictive of Marital Dysfunctions

Dr Nourhan Ali Abd Elrahman*

Corresponding Author: Dr Nourhan Ali Abd Elrahman, Couple and Marital Therapist, PhD in marital therapy.

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Received Date: November 23, 2021

Published Date: December 01, 2021

Some Types of Interaction that are Predictive of Marital Dysfunctions

The emotional separation between couples is now a reality in most marital relationships, and causes and images vary, and there are many individual differences, such as neuroticism, hypocrisy, lies, aggression, Stubbornness, incontinence, and other individual factors that generate intolerance and a sense of separation. It represents a married life that lacks understanding, the language of love, and The growing cycle of spiritual and psychological dissonance between spouses, and Silence and emotional separation are among the most important sources of divorce.

Although the difference in individual differences is normal between spouses, It does not make much difference in the success or failure of the relationship, however, two cases were found to have a significant impact on communication and separation problems: They are not able to understand the needs of the other party, to make unrealistic assumptions and expectations and to make too many explanations.

In any relationship, whether marriage or any other human relationship once understanding is withdrawn, emotion is reduced, It is therefore mistaken to believe that only the reasons for marital dysfunction revolve around psychological reasons or economic, cultural, religious, etc.

This never denies their role in creating marital problems and straining a relationship, But now we're talking about why it's worsening and continuing.

So for example: if we talk about psychological causes as a predictor of marital dysfunction, can you imagine if the cause of marital dysfunction is some kind of psychological disorder? A more realistic is that there's a lack of communication between couples after they love each other so much, And then there's the constant controversy of their disagreement, which increases day by day, and the gap expands between them, It creates marital dysfunction, which causes suffering and psychological pain arranged so that the couple or one of them becomes vulnerable to self-disorder.

Or if we take economic reasons as a predictor of marital dysfunction. So you can see that poor economic conditions can affect if the wife is forced, satisfied, and arranged, Or in case she's a distrustful, irresponsible wife who looks to others? And also if we take sexual reasons as a predictor of marital dysfunctions, Although it is an essential factor in the success or failure of the marital relationship. Would it affect more if the husband was physically withdrawn from the relationship or refused to talk about the problem? Or an understanding, proactive husband capable of dealing with the problem?

If we want to solve a conflict, we've got to do some digging. And learn how to express our feelings and needs, also understand the needs of the partner, And decrease our unrealistic assumptions and expectations in the relationship and not depend on negative interpretations.